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The Beauty Editor’s Guide to the Hottest Spring Nail Trends

Fancy florals, glazed donuts, fairytale nails, and more. Here are the hottest must-try manis – beauty editor-approved.

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As a beauty editor for over 12 years, it’s safe to say I have developed a keen eye for emerging trends. And while I love to get in on what’s new, what’s next, what’s hot right now, I’m always very aware that what we all really want are top-notch, on-trend product suggestions worthy of your time and money. 

Confession: I love the look of perfectly painted, salon-sculpted fashion nails, but I have zero desire to sit for hours in the salon achieving the look. ZERO. So, what’s a nail-obsessed beauty editor to do? She DIY’s it! 

To say I’m a fan of the at-home manicure would be  quite the  understatement. I used to spend hours at the salon, religiously returning every two weeks for my mani upkeep, and the truth is, I dreaded it almost every time. Not to mention how much money it costs to keep your nail game strong. If I do the math on what I spent in a year on my nails, its almost shocking. (Ok, I added it up and it’s around the equivalent of a Gucci shoulder bag. Yeah, the one with the gold chain strap.)

True Story About False Nails

About three years ago, when I was the beauty director of a national print newsstand magazine, I received a PR mailer, which was basically a box of new KISS nails to put on my radar, and I was instantly obsessed. I could not believe how much cheaper and easier it was, compared to a traditional salon manicure…and dare I say even better?!  I kid you not, I have not had my fingernails professional done in years, but thanks to KISS and imPRESS Manicure, my nails ALWAYS look stylish and perfectly on point.

My most frequently asked question as a beauty editor: which nail styles are your favorites, and do they stay on? The first answer is: I like to mix it up. Sometimes I glue them on, sometimes I press them on, sometimes I like to wear them long and salon-sculpted, other times I go for a short and sweet style and shade. I just love how quickly and easily I can switch up my look to match my outfit or my mood, the possibilities are endless. I scope out social media, screenshot some looks I love on celebs and influencers, and I almost always can find an at-home manicure that matches the look, for under $20 bucks. It’s seriously like having my own celebrity pro nail artist at my fingertips. 

Nails When You Need Them

I have been spotted applying pressies on the train (before a big NYC event) or popping them on at the park, it really runs the gamut. These are my every day, any day nails and getting them on and off is basically effortless. How long do they last?  With proper application and care, the nails will stay put and perfect for up to a week.

So back to what new, what’s next, what’s hot right now…how am I so sure about what’s on trend? I sprinkle my own beauty editor spidey senses with a little star power. I scroll the insta feeds of some of the beauty industry’s biggest influencers and pros, like celebrity nail stylist Gina Edwards  and Tom Bachik to score the hottest tips, tricks, and trends. If you love all things nails, follow her IG stat.. She’s the manicure maestro behind all those wow-worthy celebrity red carpet and fashion runway nail looks, and that’s often how I’m tipped off if a trend is hot or not.

5 Stunning Spring 2023 Nail Trends You Need to Try Now

So now that spring has officially sprung, the new season calls for a new mani. (Make that, many new manis!) Ahead, you’ll find all the fresh, fierce, flirty, nail inspo you need to get a flawless fashion manicure in a flash. Here are all my spring-fresh faves…

1) Glazed Donut Nails

Glazed beauty is all the rage, and we can all thank to the model and beauty mogul Hailey Bieber, who started the sweet and shiny beauty trend last year when she stepped out onto the red carpet for the 2022 Met Gala…and whoa, every corner of the Internet took notice. Since then, ‘glazed donut nails’ have become quite a phenomena. flooding our social media feeds with a staggering 199.6 million views on TikTok alone. 

The Glazed Donut nail trend is not really a trend any longer…it’s a bonafide mainstay in our beauty routines and has achieved cult-like status. Now, glossy, icing-inspired manis have been spotted on the hands of Sydney Sweeney, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kylie Jenner,  just to name a few, but it all began when LA-based manicurist Zola Ganzoright created the sheer, iridescent, milky look for Hailey Bieber. 

Breaking News: KISS is now serving Glazed Donut Nails.

Get a glossy, icing-inspired mani at home in minutes. (Have you watched those lengthy glazed donut trend TikTok tutorials? Yeah, you can skip all those steps. )  These ready-to-wear manis come is eight irresistible shades and you can nail the look in minutes.

You can get in on the glazed donut nail trend by gluing them on  (KISS) or pressing them on (imPRESS). Yup, imPRESS Manicure serves Glazed Donut Nails, has them tooEither way, prepare to save time, money, and get dozens of compliments.

Sidenote: I’m obsessed with almond shaped nails these days so I’m stocking up on these styles before they all sell out. If you can’t find any medium/almond KISS or imPRESS Glazed Donut Nails online or in the stores, I personally may be to blame. Sorry not sorry. They’re just so irresistible.


2) Fairytale Nails

According to Gina Edwards, 3D crystal nail art is a huge trend right now and she says fairytale-inspired bling manis will turn heads and elevate any look. AGREED! Don’t want to spend hours at the salon try to achieve this ultra-glam, high end gel nail look? KISS Majestic Nails will give you a magical mani in mere minutes.

Indulge in the world’s most luxurious looking manicure for spring. These 3D nails are (hands down) incredibly dazzling. The rewearable designs are adorned with rhinestones, pearls, and crystals, and whoah, are they giving queen vibes. With superb shine and a strong gel finish, these flawless faux nails feature the highest quality faceted 3D jewels, and I love that fact that  you can wear them up to three times. (You apply the included adhesive tabs the first two times, then glue on for your final wear.)


3) Fancy Florals

Not going to sugarcoat it, I usually don’t get overly excited about florals but by all means put me down as ecstatic over this limited-edition imPRESS Manicure Press-On Manicure collab with LoveShackFancy.  I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous these nails are IRL. I love to wear these nails to work, out for brunch, date-night…you name it. These is something so flirty about floral nails and while you may not catch me (often) in a floral print dress, this is my favorite way to add some playfully pretty flower power to my fit. And the added beauty of these instant manis, there’s no glue needed. You simply press on and go.

Here’s the deal:  imPRESS Manicure has partnered with iconic fashion brand LoveShackFancy to create an enchanting, limited edition collection – a touch of floral to beautify your fingertips in minutes! Inspired by the iconic New York Botanical Garden, these six fanciful press-on manis feature the romantic hero prints from LoveShackFancy’s Spring 2023 Collection.  They even have some matching mani manis for your little bud. Aren’t they enchanting?! 

 If you ask me which style is my fave, I plead the fifth. But If I *had* to choose only one, I’m loving style ‘Lilac Crush’. See the shopping inspo below. 

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachick created this spring-fresh floral look on Jennifer Lopez, who he crowned the ‘Queen of Spring’.


4) Jelly Nails

There is something I love so much about Jelly nails. Maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s girl but I’m so into that super-shiny, glass-like look that is so popular right now on social media. (They kind of look like lip gloss and that’s why I love them!)  They are so versatile  and can take you bright into summer, seamlessly.

This is a trend you can also do at home, for a fraction of the time and cost. KISS Gel Fantasy Jelly ready-to-wear false gel nails have a translucent “jelly” high shine finish that looks as smooth as glass, with a high volume arch like salon sculpted false nails. I am literally so obsessed with jellies,  in fact, I’m wearing them as I type this. 

Recently, Celebrity Nail Artist Tom Bachick posted a throwback of the spring-fresh manicure he created for Selena Gomez, a vacay-ready neon jelly look. Clearly, solid color jelly nails  are hot right now.



5) Nail Drip

Basic nails? Nope, no thanks. Here’s one one way  to make a splash this season and it’s called Nail Drip. Prepare to enter a new era of playful color, easy glue-on application, and fashion forward finishes. Using the most up-to-date technologies, this exclusive Ulta collection brings you the latest new trendy designs in an everyday wearable mani. I am loving the fun, unexpected pops of pastels and dazzling designs to these nails. 

In my opinion, this Ulta exclusive nail collection is a contemporary mix of a few trends in one: blingy, jelly, swirly, and new age pop art. Beauty editor tip: reach for Nail Drip when the dress code is: slay. 


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