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KISS Nails Does It Again: Allure Readers’ Choice 2024 Award Winner

Elevate Your Summer Style with Award-Winning Trendy Fashion Nails

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Allure Readers' Choice

KISS has done it again! The #1 fashion nail brand has snagged another Allure Readers’ Choice Award for Best Glue-Ons, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this exciting news with you all. As EIC of beautify.tips and a former magazine beauty editor with a love for all things nails, this win feels extra special.

Winning the Allure Readers’ Choice Award is incredibly meaningful because it’s a testament to the love and trust the amazing community of beauty enthusiasts has for KISS nails. This award, voted on by real consumers, highlights the exceptional quality, style, and innovation that KISS strives to bring to each and every product. Being recognized not just once, but twice (yay!) reaffirms the brand’s commitment to making salon-quality, effortless manicures accessible to everyone. .


Let’s be real for a moment. Who has time for salon visits anymore? I ditched the salon years ago and never looked back. Thanks to KISS nails, my manicure game has never been stronger, easier, or more fashionable. These ready-to-wear, glue-on manis are the real deal—super easy to apply, incredibly stylish, and perfect for all your summer adventures.

Why do I love KISS nails? Let me count the ways:

1 – Effortless Application

Gone are the days of tedious salon appointments and waiting for polish to dry. With KISS nails, you’ll have a flawless salon-level mani in a flash. It’s that easy! They stay put and perfect for up to a week so you can focus on enjoying your summer, not worrying about your nails.

2 – Fabulous Designs

KISS nails come in the hottest trends and styles. Whether you’re into the chic translucence of jelly nails or the bold statement of Voguish designs, there’s something for everyone. These nails are not just accessories; they’re your ultimate summer fashion statement.

3 – No Damage, No Fuss

One of the biggest perks? KISS nails are safe on your natural nails. They cause no damage and are easy to remove, leaving your nails healthy and happy. Say goodbye to the damage from acrylics and gels, and hello to a new era of nail care.

4 – Trend Alert

This summer, it’s all about bright, playful colors and intricate designs. Think neon hues, tropical patterns, and glitter accents that catch the sunlight just right. And let’s not forget the minimalist chic of translucent jelly nails that offer a modern twist to your look. Whether you’re hitting the beach, attending a summer wedding, or just lounging by the pool, there’s a KISS nail design that will perfectly complement your vibe.

5. Ready for Any Adventure

Planning a spontaneous weekend getaway or a summer soirée? KISS nails have got you covered. They’re waterproof, durable, and look flawless for up to a week. So, whether you’re diving into the ocean or dancing the night away, your nails will look picture-perfect. Consider this your sign to join the KISS revolution… if you haven’t already!

Celebrate the Allure Readers’ Choice Award win by treating yourself to the best glue-ons in the biz. Which manis should you get your hands on first? Keep scrolling to discover my current summer favorites.

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