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This Magic Wand May Be the Answer to All Your Hair Prayers

Trust me…you NEED to give this a whirl!

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the farrah

I’ve always considered myself the Goldilocks of curling irons. As a magazine beauty editor for over a decade, it’s safe to say I have tested and tried so many hair tools on my quest for that elusive perfect curl, and I’ve encountered everything from unruly, frizzy disasters to barely-there waves that fall flat before I even step out the door.

Few things excite me more than discovering the curling iron my dreams—one that’s “just right” and gives me the most stunning beach waves that last all day long!  Say hello, to The Farrah and yes, she’s a beauty. She auto-rotates without tangles, and she can give you the most gorgeous pro-level curls in a snap.  I have been using The Farrah religiously for over a month and my one-word review: OBSESSED. (Oh, and I also give it beauty editor bonus points for being so lightweight and easy to use.)

A New Spin on Curls

While auto-rotating curling irons are not anything new, the design and functionality of The Farrah is unique and rather phenomenal. A team of hairstylists, technologists and industry professionals who all share a love for hair and self-care created it, and I think it’s all rather brilliant.

All you need to do is select the desired temperature setting and curl direction (left or right) on the device, place a section of your hair into the open clamp, which holds the hair in place as the barrel rotates and curls the hair. Once you reached your desired level of curl, you release, and voila!

While most curling irons, curling wands and flat irons rely on excessive heat and pounds of pressure to curl your hair, The Farrah spins and combs your hair around a professional ceramic barrel, gently creating perfect curls in minutes.  As your hair is wrapping around the curling-iron barrel, the carousel smooths the hair. You can make beachy waves, curly curls…whatever your heart desires.

So Worth the Splurge

The inside chamber of the carousel is designed with a smoothing comb and anti-static silicone gliders to make sure your hair never tangles, tears, or twines. (Hair prayers answered.) The combination of the no-tangle, automatic curling mechanism, the smoothing comb, and the silicone leaves give you smooth curls without static and frizz. The gentle spinning and smoothing motion gave me beautiful, long-lasting, effortless waves that­ seriously lasted for days. I made these loose, tousled waves for a TV news beauty segment recently using The Farrah and it was seriously so effortless.

Total Game Changer

Truth is, most people use a flat iron and a curling iron to get the curls they want, but the amazing thing about this, is you can skip the flat iron all together. You must make sure your hair is totally dry –this is a non-negotiable no matter how much of a rush you’re in.

So, it did take me a few tries to get the swing of things but once I figured out the best angle and how to feed my hair in…it was smooth sailing!

Here’s a quick recap of the things I love:

  • You control the intensity of the curl with less damage to your natural hair.
  • Perfect for all hair types. Whether your hair is shoulder length or longer like mine, you can create any type of look, from loose waves to the tightest curls
  • It only takes one hand! Whether you’re a righty or lefty, the ergonomically designed buttons, switches, and handle give you easy control.
  • If you need some help, on the brand’s website, you can book a virtual styling session.

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