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Get The Look: Megan Fox’s Kardashian + Jenner Christmas Eve Holiday Party Glam

A new $24 eyeshadow palette delivered the dazzle.

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Photos – IG @JennaKristina

What makeup products made Megan Fox’s ‘nice list’ on Christmas Eve? Celebrity Makeup artist Jenna Kristina used Colourpop Cosmetics‘ NEW Golden Hour Palette’ to create Megan Fox’s striking look for the Kardashian Christmas Eve Party. Below, we scored the details on how Kristina created the full look.

“Tonight, we wanted to match her soft baby pink dress to her makeup while infusing a sultry vibe. Sultriness, to me, is created in the eyes—something smokey and sexy. I lined around her eyes with Colourpop Shadow Stix in “So Celestial,” using a brush to smudge out the edges. Next, I used the Colourpop Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette, applying “Love the Vibes” and “Never Leaving” in the crease and under the eyes to create depth and dimension. After that, I applied “Golden Waves” to the center of the eyelid to add sparkle.

 I wanted to incorporate a bit of pink, so I used the “No Rest For The Vivid” Jelly Much Shadow in the inner corner of the eye—both on top and bottom. It’s so beautiful and adds that extra pop of pink I really wanted. For the perfect cat eye to complete this sultry look, I used Numero Uno Liquid Eyeliner.

Now that we have the perfect eye look, I focused on the skin. I used the Hyaluronic Hydrating Foundation to create a flawless, glowy complexion, along with the same concealer. It goes on effortlessly and provides the perfect glow. I used the Bronze Stix to create depth and a slight touch of warmth around the perimeter of the face. This look really calls for a lot of blush, so I applied the “Cherry Blossom” Cream Blush on her cheeks, across her nose, and also on the temples.

I really wanted a flush, pink glow on her face. To add an extra glow to the highest points of her face, I used the “Flexitarian” Super Shock Highlighter, which perfectly matched her skin color for the most effortless, flawless glow.

To finish the look, I used the “Oh Snap” Lip Liner and “Caramella” Lipstick for the absolute perfect shade of pink. I love this look for the perfect balance of sweet and sultry. Colourpop Cosmetics had the perfect color combos and textures to create this look. It was both playful and chic.”


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