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The 6 Best Gifts for your Sagittarius Bestie

Bet on self-care splurges, beauty finds and lots of bold color.

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Having a Sagittarius in your life definitely makes your day-to-day more exciting. This fire sign is symbolized by the half-man/half-horse archer and represents the dates from November 22 to December 21.  Sagittarians are fiery, adventurous and brutally honest. Their curious nature and energetic spirit makes them ideal traveling companions (especially to exotic locales) and their blunt nature ensures that if your outfit looks bad, they will let you know. While brutal honestly sometimes stings, it hurts a lot less than being lied to. Their mutable qualities also make them open to anything and anyone and their loyal nature ensures they will always show up whenever you need them. They are truly the perfect partner in crime. We picked out six gifts that we think will satisfy those special Sagittarians in your life. 

There is no doubt that the new colorFX collection of bold, chromatic NO GLUE press on manicures will delight any Sag. They fit her adventurous nature and will go perfect with her going out wardrobe. Also, with a reasonable price tag, you can gift her more than one style!

Blue topaz is the Sagittarius birthstone and these fun, double layer hoops are destined to make her squeal in delight. She will definitely want to rock them to her bday dinner. 

The true Sagittarius loves to try new things so we think that the Falscara Starter Kit would make the perfect addition to her makeup bag. These DIY lash extensions are known for their quality, ease of application and gorgeous results. 

Since they are fire signs, it makes sense that candles would be a thoughtful and much appreciated gift. We love the ‘REPLICA’ line, especially in this woodsy scent that is perfect for a cozy winter night.

Rich colors like this deep shade of violet are inherent to Sagittarius. This delicious ribbed cashmere scarf is a gift that will satisfy even the toughest customer.

Busy Sagittarians need their downtime and this cozy, luxe robe from Brooklyn-based Brooklinen is the perfect gift to inspire self-care Sundays at home.

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