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I’m a Hispanic Esthetician – Here Are the Top Skin Concerns for Latinx Clients and Tips on How to Treat

From pigmentation issues to sun sensitivity and everything in between

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Beauty knows no bounds, and every individual’s skin is unique in its own way, reflecting a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities. The Latinx community, in particular, boasts a stunning array of skin tones and textures, each deserving of personalized care and attention. As we celebrate the beauty and resilience of Latinx skin, it’s essential to acknowledge that it comes with its own set of concerns and needs. From pigmentation issues to sun sensitivity and everything in between, understanding the intricacies of Latinx skin is the key to unlocking its radiant potential.

What does it mean to have Latinx skin? 

According to Cecia Ferrin, an Arizona-based esthetician and Face Reality acne expert certified through the Global Skin Solutions Skin of Color program, Latinx skin means we come in a wide range of skin tones. “So regardless of what shade on the spectrum you fall,” she says, “your ethnic background still dictates how your skin will respond to certain skin conditions, how it will age, and what challenges you may encounter that are linked to your Latinx background.”

Most often we find Latinx skin colors vary drastically, she adds. “This is why asking deeper questions such as where the clients’ parents or even grandparents are from can give us a better glimpse into their ethnicity and factors we must consider when treating any melanin rich clients.”

From sunspot protection to keeping acne at bay, ahead, Ferrin shares the top skin concerns her Latinx clients are faced with, along with her top tips and product reccomendations on how to treat.


Melasma is more common among Latinx women. Melasma is triggered by heat, hormones, and sun, just to name a few. While Melasma isn’t cured and is an ongoing condition, Latinx individuals suffering from Melasma can benefit from regular sunscreen usage and incorporating a retinol into their routine like Face Reality Vitamin A Serum. However, some severe melasma will require in clinic peels or even a prescription from a dermatologist to show improvement. 


Sunspots from past sun exposure are also more common among Latinx clients in the 35+ age range. The number one line of defense will always be daily sunscreen use, and starting in your youth will lessen the chance of developing these in the future. Face Reality Daily SPF30 is an amazing option that doesn’t leave a white cast and is most popular among my Latinx clientele for its flawless finish.  


Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or brown pigment left over after a traumatic event like acne is very common. Face Reality L-Mandelic Serums are my favorite option for this. It contains both l-mandelic acid and l-lactic acid. These amazing ingredients help fade unwanted pigment, combat future breakouts, and help regulate oil production. 


Acne for Latinx clients is also a common condition. Face Reality’s 2.5% Acne Med is amazing for inflamed acne clients. This is a benzoyl peroxide product which is great at stopping bacteria growth within the pore, however using a lower percentage to start out if the Latinx client is a deeper skin tone is always advised. 


Oiliness is also a common concern. While many people turn to AHA’s or BHA’s to resolve this issue, my recommendation is always to focus on hydration. Oftentimes my Latinx clients are more prone to dehydration which leads to excessive oiliness. When our skin becomes too dehydrated it will produce more oil to compensate. Using a product like Face Reality’s Hydrabalance will train the skin to retain its natural moisture levels and rebalance the skin on its own.  

Final Advice: Be Gentle

Lastly, my advice to my Latinx clients is to be gentle with their skin. Because Latinx skin is more prone to pigment issues, refrain from picking, drying out the skin, and being overly aggressive with at home treatments. Knowing what type of conditions your Latinx background can be prone to is a powerful tool that will help your overall skin health for years to come. 

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