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3 Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Looks

Hello to all the ghouls and girlies.

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A close up of a model with smokey eye makeup and a Halloween inspired manicure

Fall is here and the haunting hour is right around the corner. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on buying a new costume or simply want to flex your artistic skills, here are some DIYY Halloween looks you can paint on yourself this spooky season.

Cartoon Yourself!

If you grew up in the era when Pinterest was first popping off, you’ll probably remember the makeup look I’m about to talk about, the pop art face. This makeup look is based on the concept of using black and white lines and well-placed dots to mimic the look of a funky pop art painting, think Roy Lichtenstein, or an old-school comic book character. 

Start off the look with your most reliable moisturizer and primer combo, before creating a blank “canvas” with concealer and foundation application that’s a bit more on the matte and full-coverage side of the spectrum. Next, if you’re a a bit unsure of where to place your lines, forgo powerdering down your face (for now) and use a light brown eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow with a eyeliner or eyebrow brush to trace out the shape you have in mind. 

For line placement, there are a few different ways you can go about cartoonifying yourself. 

  • Draw a black line just to the side of the center of your nose bridge. 
  • Draw C-shapes in black around the side of your nostrils and a white circular dot (an opaque white shadow, not a highlighter) on the tip of the nose for highlighting. 
  • Draw a black, wide, upside down U-shape to emphasize the crease between your chin and mouth.
  • Sweep a black curve under your cheekbones in a similar way you would with a contour stick.
  • Trace black lines on the edge of your jaw and stop just before the round of your chin.
  • Paint your lips in a bold pink or red color, and trace the edges with a black liner.
  • Fill your eyebrows fully in with black to make them as exaggerated as possible.
  • For extra points, draw small circular white dots over your face to heighten the pop art effect.

To add in an extra cartoonish pop of color, try out an extra bright, extra long set of nails like:

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KISS brand nails from the Gel Fantasy collection in long coffin shapes and a bright blue color

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A set of hands, modeling long coffin shaped nails manicured in a bright turquoise color


 A Slay-Worthy Scarescrow 

If there’s anything that conveys the fall spirit, it would be a scarecrow. For clothes all you essentially need are a long-sleeved plaid shirt, jeans (preferably a little distressed), and a pointy scarecrow’s hat. The makeup is just as easy to put together as the ensemble.

For base makeup, go in with your typical application of concealer and foundation. Apply a liberal application of an orangey or reddisy blush on the cheeks in a way that extends to your temples and across your nose. 

Next grab a black liquid liner and draw one long line from the edge of your mouth to the middle of your cheek on each side. Then draw small vertical lines across the black lines on each side of your mouth and on your lips to mimic the sewn mouth of a scarecrow. Then to illustrate a scarecrow’s patches, draw a teardrop shape over your nose with a few vertical lines across the shape and fill it in with an orangey eyeshadow. Then you can use the liner to draw a few “scars” on your face and add some freckles across the nose and cheeks. 

To give your scarecrow an extra hint of glam, use the glitter from the eyeshadow quad over the eyes and on the lower eye lid and add in a dramatic set of lashes like the KISS SCARY CLOWN Halloween lashes in ‘Witty’ ($5.99)

Halloween limited edition false lashes from KISS Scary Clown collection. Lashes in bright metallics

Mod Girl 

This look can be worn for Halloween or any time you want to channel the fabulousness of a mod girl in the 60s. 


With mod style, there are a variety of clothing routes you can take, from a geometric-print shift dress to a mini-skirt and go-go boots. However, there is only a few makeup elements that are distinct to a mod gal, and that would include a super pale pink pout and an over-the-top cat eye.

For eyes, depending on your mood and outfit, pack a light bone-colored or super bold neon-color, like teal, all over the top lid and along the lower lid. Next, take a dark greyish shadow color and trace a line from the inner corner of the eyesocket underneath the inner point of your brows and go outwards along the length of the eye. Go in with a liquid liner to draw a flicked-up cat-eye. Apply a large set of faux lashes and go in with a few separate individual lashes, spaced, out, along the lower lash line, such as the ones from the Kiss Lash Couture Luxtensions Kit ($11.99), for a Twiggy-esque vibe. 

KISS Lash Couture Luxtensions, 40 individual clusters


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