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How to Plump Your Skin–Without Filler

Say no to the needle and try these plumping potions.

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What is exactly “plump skin”? “Plump skin refers to bouncy, well-hydrated skin,” explains Rachel Lee Lozina, Owner and Esthetician at Blue Water Spa in Oyster Bay, NY.  “Skin that’s plump contains a healthy amount of collagen and elastin, is well hydrated and has a youthful appearance.” This dewy, glowy, unlined skin looks youthful and has not been damaged by years of elements like the sun, stress and the natural aging process. 

Obviously, many women look to their dermatologist’s chairs for fillers and other injectables to keep their skin “plump”, but this is expensive, time consuming and too many injectables can look fake or pillowy. These days, there are so many high-quality products on the market that help achieve that plump skin appearance at home. “Look for products containing hyaluronic acid,” Lozina advises. “This is the number one skin plumping ingredient because it gives your skin the wet sponge effect. Meaning all layers are filled with hydration. Hyaluronic acid literally attracts water to the skin surface. Think of it like a magnet for hydration.” Lozina also likes products that contain ceramides as they are also great for plumping. “They strengthen the skin’s barrier and help retain the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF).  Look for jojoba oil, grape seed oil and poppy seed oil, which are all high in ceramides.” Lozina also recommends retinols to help build thickness and copper peptides which help rebuild collagen and elastin.   

Here are some of our favorite skin plumping formulas on the market. Make sure to use them as directed and good luck on your quest for youthful, dewy and just enough plump skin.

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Rachel Lee Lozina is a New York State Licensed Esthetician, Laser Technician & Oncology Esthetician. She is also the owner of the Blue Water Spa in Oyster Bay, NY.


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