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TikTok’s Delicious Summer Fashion Trend: Tomato Girl Aesthetic

How to crush the latest Mediterranean-inspired style obsession.

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This summer will be forever known as the summer of trends named after fruit, veggies and drinks – the “Blueberry Milk Nails,” “Latte Makeup,” “Strawberry Makeup” and lo and behold… the “Tomato Girl Aesthetic.” The topic of this very article. With over 3.7 million views on TikTok, the tasty fashion trend is all about old-world style.

So, who is ‘Tomato Girl’ you might wonder?

Have you ever met a woman who looks like an absolute summer fever dream all dressed up with nowhere to go titillating between sweetness and romance. She daydreams about her next European vacation and strolling down the cobblestone roads of Italy, while indulging in a pistachio gelato and occasional bursts of laughter. An endless summer nonchalance. She cares more about the heroines in her books than the occasional glances of curious strangers. She is in her own dreamworld and her looks reflect the inner world of her daydreams. Sounds like a vibe you would like to channel? 


Here’s how you can achieve the Tomato Girl Aesthetic.   

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Mastering the “Tomato Girl Aesthetic” involves immersing yourself in the ambiance of your beloved European coastal town, even if it’s only within the realms of your mind’s eye. Wander along the cobblestone pathways in The Addie Dress, which strikes an impeccable balance between delightful charm and a touch of romance reminiscent of a novel. For leisurely gelato-filled afternoons or adventurous sightseeing escapades, opt for the Mila Button Down combined effortlessly with The Adina Shorts – a summer ensemble that seamlessly blends comfort and elegance. When transitioning from sun-soaked days on a boat to basking in the golden hues of coastal sunsets, The Madelyn Pant is an airy and weightless attire that perfectly complements your dreams of the seaside.

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Jewelry within this aesthetic embodies a sense of understated grace and refinement. Incorporating elements of reflective gold layering, exemplified by pieces like The Herringbone Chain, along with the vintage-inspired allure of pendants such as The Vera Pendant and the Ancient Royalty Coin Pendant, introduces a subtle and gentle touch to any ensemble. Furthermore, the inclusion of petite statement hoops like the Rae Tube Hoops or the Bree Flat Hoops serves as enduring sun-kissed essentials, imparting a touch of indefinable charm to any appearance.


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Creating the ideal summer look amid these stunning landscapes calls for donning airy ensembles that effortlessly carry you from the enchanting lanes of Crete to the rugged volcanic shores of Santorini. Achieve a sophisticated coastal appearance by combining the Button Up Romper with the Palms Hat. For waterside ventures, embrace the seaside charm with the Savannah Off The Shoulder Ruffle Bikini Top. Later, let the Sunset Off The Shoulder Smocked Top serve as a graceful cover-up, seamlessly transforming into an exquisite evening ensemble for a picturesque sunset dinner along the coastline.


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If your heart belongs to the enchanting allure of European shores and thrilling ocean escapades, these exquisite ocean-inspired accessories introduce a touch of nature to enhance your pursuit of an uncomplicated and laid-back summer style. Embrace the charm of the season effortlessly with the Small Opihi Circle Posts, which capture the organic texture of the opihi shell while infusing a refined flair into your delightful tomato-toned ensemble. Complement your existing layered pieces harmoniously with the Coral Pearl Necklace, meticulously crafted to replicate genuine fan coral, and the Grass Petal Ring, a creation cast from an authentic shell that beautifully showcases its intricate, sea-evoking patterns.


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