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The Best Summer Drugstore Beauty Buys

From DIY lash extensions to the season's must-have manis, we've cruised the aisles and rounded up our favorite pharmacy finds.

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I love a good drugstore run. Even when I plan on doing a strict paper towel, laundry detergent and aspirin shop, it always ends up being a 20 item trip. Some of my favorite summer beauty mainstays can be found in the aisles of my local drugstore. I asked my Beautify.tips team for their must-have finds, and our list was endless. Check out some of our favorite drugstore faves and take notes for your next trip!

Balancing work, family and the life routine sometimes gets in the way of going for a manicure. Good thing I can grab my fave nails from KISS while I pick up my prescriptions and my toothpaste. I love the look of the jelly nail trend, especially in this perfect for summer pink hue. Also, these glue-on nails always look 100% professional.

No matter if it’s December or July, I always want to look golden and glow-y. I am a bit of a hot mess when it comes to traditional self-tanner, but this lotion is totally goof-proof!  The tan comes on gradually so there is no fear of becoming instantly orange. It’s a must-have all year round.


Perfect for all of my summer RSVPS, these genius dummy-proof DIY lash extensions have become my Saturday night staple. They literally take me minutes to put on and look just as good as the fancy ones my friends pay beaucoup bucks for.  


Assunta, our Senior Manager of Social Media, swears by this matte lip gloss, “Abu Dhabi is the perfect nude shade and I usually have 3 in my bag at all times. It goes on smooth and does not dry out my lips like most mattes do.”

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Chrissy and Ashley, our Content Creators, both swear by this primer that stands up to sweaty, summer weather.  “It’s like magic in a bottle! This gel-based formula not only hydrates and smooths my skin but also locks in my makeup all day long,” Chrissy raves.  She also loves its lightweight feel and its vegan and cruelty-free formulation.

Liquid eyeliner is a daily part of my makeup routine all year round and I love this one from JOAH. It goes on smoothly, dries quickly and has the perfect tip so you can make the liner as thin or thick as you want depending on what look you want to achieve. 

Nina, our resident Francophile and Social Media Manager counts on this French micellar water to gently take off her makeup. “I love how it removes the makeup and impurities effortlessly. I don’t have to tug at my skin to get the makeup off and it’s non-irritating.” This is a must during the summer when the skin tends to get irritated by sun, sweat and other elements.

IYKYK. Perfect for pool parties and bbqs and pairs perfectly with a bottle of Sancerre.


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