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LongHairPrettyNails on Her Viral Nail Art Tutorials and Her Love for KISS GelPRESS

“This new KISS GelPRESS Kit is a game changer!!”

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If you’re looking for top-notch DIY nail inspo, look no further than LongHairPrettyNails. The nail vlogger–whose first name is Evie–has taken the internet by storm with her jaw-dropping acrylic nail art tutorials, over-the-top designs, and clever tips and tricks on how to get salon-worthy nails from the comfort of your home. With 1.5M subscribers on YouTube, the self-taught social media star is obsessed with all things nails, and no design is outside the box for her!

LongHairPrettyNails has recently professed her love for the new KISS GelPRESS Starter Kit and we couldn’t agree more! The new KISS GelPRESS Starter Kit an effortless way to get gel nail extensions at home – with results lasting up to 21 days! The innovative kit has pre-sculpted square and coffin tips, primer, gel adhesive, and a mini-LED lamp to prep, cure, and more.

WATCH @LongHairPrettyNails demo how easy it is to apply and score her tips for customizing the final look how you like–from natural to all-out bling.

What is the KISS GelPress Sculpted Nails Starter Kit?

KISS is proud to introduce its most professional DIY manicure EVER! This revolutionary nail extension kit guarantees durable wear. The easy press-on application uses UV gel as an adhesive with a brush-on primer included for a longer-lasting, salon-level manicure.

  • The DIY nail kit comes with 56 extra-long-length full cover tips in two trendy shapes: 28 coffin and 28 square.
  • The tips are pre-sculpted and ready to go, and once applied can be customized to your preferred length, shape, and color.
  • Comes with its own specially designed LED lamp and clear clip for DIY users from beginner to pro, with easy-to-follow instructions included with the kit.
  • Guaranteed sturdy wear without lifting and last for 3-4 weeks with easy soak-off removal that won’t damage your natural nails.
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We were all so excited here at KISS HQ when LongHairPrettyNails dropped by!
BEAUTIFY EXCLUSIVE:Q&A with @LongHairPrettyNails
We’re so obsessed with all your nail videos! Tell us about your how your love for nails all began…

I got my love for nails from my mom. She always had a fresh set of acrylic nails. I used to go to the nail salon with her as a child. Every time we went, I would beg to get my nails done but she always said no. When I was 8 years old, she finally let me get little airbrush nail art designs. I remember being so excited and showing all my friends at school. My love for nail art grew from there. Ever since then I practiced doing my nails first with just nail polish and then moving on to acrylic as I got older.

You’re self-taught? (OMG, that’s impressive!) How did you do that?!

Yes, I am self-taught! It happened out of necessity. I didn’t have the money to go to the nail salon as often as I wanted to, so I decided to learn how to do my own nails. It was a struggle lol. It took a few years and lots of practice.

When did you begin filming nail videos and at what point did your audience begin to rapidly grow?

I started my YouTube channel in 2007 and it was mostly about my hair journey. In between hair videos I uploaded makeup and nail videos. I uploaded my first nail video in 2014. The nail videos started to get traction, so I began to focus more on nail videos in 2016. The journey was very slow. It was around 2018 when I saw my audience begin to grow. By 2019 the growth was way more than I ever imagined. By May of 2020 the channel hit 1 million subscribers!

Your ‘Crazy Nail Art’ recreations…whoa these are pretty mind-blowing! What goes into filming these tutorials? It looks like a lot of work!

It is a lot of work and it takes a long time. These types of videos take me about 6-8 hours to film and another 8 hours of editing. I don’t think many people realize how difficult it is to film a nail video. Trying to do a good job on the nails while staying in focus is challenging. I love a challenge though. It’s fun for me to see a crazy nail design and try to figure out how to do it.

As a nail vlogger and influencer, what question do you asked most frequently and how do you respond?

My most frequently asked question is “How do you function with long nails?”. I always answer with the same response. “It’s a lifestyle and it takes practice.”

When did you first discover KISS products? Do you remember your very first KISS experience?

 My first experience with KISS products was my mom practicing doing an acrylic nail on my pinky when I was 10 years old. I wasn’t allowed to have acrylic nails at the time, so I was extremely happy for the one acrylic nail lol.

What are some of your favorite KISS nail styles and why are they your faves?

I love the KISS Masterpiece Nails. I just love designs and all the bling.

What do you love about the KISS GelPress Starter Kit?  Any additional tips or tricks you can share about this revolutionary nail extension kit?

I love how accessible it is by being available in local stores. You can have the perfect set of nails in no time. My most important tip is making sure to pick the correct size nail tip and file around the cuticle area of the nail tip to match the shape of your natural nail. This is what gives you that salon quality look.

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