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The Secret to YouTube Star/Nail Artist LongHairPrettyNails’ Flawless DIY Manicure

“I love how fast and easy the KISS Brush-On Gel Nail Kit is to use. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get a beautiful set of nails!”

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If you’re looking for the latest and greatest DIY nail inspo, look no further than LongHairPrettyNails. The nail vlogger (whose name is Evie Culver) has taken social media by storm with her jaw-dropping acrylic nail art tutorials, over-the-top designs, and clever tips and tricks on how to get salon-worthy nails from the comfort of your home. With 1.5M subscribers on YouTube, the self-taught social media star and digital creator is obsessed with all things nails, and no design is outside the box for her.

LongHairPrettyNails recently professed her love for the new and improved KISS BRUSH-ON GEL NAIL KIT  with her TikTok fam and we’re obsessed on how easy it is to get the salon look at home! The kit has all you need for a super strong, long lasting, at-home gel manicure, now with 40% more glue.

@longhairprettynails Do you want quick and easy nails? Say less. The New & Improved @kissproducts Brush-On Gel Nail Kit is your new bff. The application is so easy and you don't need a nail lamp. Add a colorful accent nail using imPress Nail Art Stickers. I love that I can get the gel mani look at home for less. #KissPartner #KissNails #longhairprettynails ♬ original sound - Evie

The KISS BRUSH-ON GEL NAIL KIT is all you need to get a flawless DIY salon-level manicure in a flash. The newly designed wider brush ensures a swift and even application, making the process smoother than ever. Specially formulated for outstanding durability, the kit presents a seamless French/natural tip finish that rivals salon results.

Remarkably, this kit eliminates the need for a curing lamp, making the application process hassle-free. With the added bonus of an extra gel brush, achieving salon-quality nails at home becomes effortlessly achievable. The quick-drying formula further streamlines the process, granting professional-like results without the time and money typically associated with salon gel manicures.


We caught up with Evie, to get all the details on why she loves the KISS BRUSH-ON GEL NAIL KIT and scored some of top tips and tricks.
What do you love most about the KISS Brush-On Gel Nail Kit?

I love how fast and easy the KISS Brush-On Gel Nail Kit is to use. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get a beautiful set of nails with this kit. I also really love the new nude nail tips that are now included.  

What skill level do you need to use it…could a nail newbie do it?

This kit is definitely easy enough for a nail newbie to use. The instructions are easy to follow. I also love that the instructions include a troubleshooting section in case you run into any issues.

How do you need to prep your nails before beginning?

Nail prep is very important. First, I push back my cuticles using the manicure stick. Next, I take the shine away from the nail using the nail file. Finally, I wipe the nails with acetone to remove the dust and any oils on the nail.

When it comes to applying the tips and the brush-on glue, do you have any tricks you can share on how to get them on properly?

 I love that the tips have tabs on them which makes them really easy to apply. I like to hold my finger out straight and slowly apply the tips with constant pressure. Hold it in place for about 5 seconds and you’re set!

When applying the brush-on glue over your tips, what is the most important thing we should know?

It’s important to apply the brush on glue evenly on the nail. Do not use too much or you’ll risk flooding the cuticles.

 What are your top three words of advice for using this kit?
  1. Read the instructions before you start. I know you may be excited to get started but you want to make sure you understand the steps.
  2. Take your time. You’ll make less mistakes when you don’t rush.
  3. Just have fun! This kit gives you the perfect base to create a cute set of nails.
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