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Editor-in-chief Janene Mascarella welcomes you to the new guide to gorgeous.

Hi, I’m Janene and I’m beyond excited to introduce BEAUTIFY.TIPS by KISS – your new go-to destination for the hottest tips, tricks, trends and top product picks…everything you need to DIY your most beautiful life. Our steady stream of content will serve up advice and inspo from leading experts, influencers, and industry insiders, as well as breaking beauty news and an infinite scroll of the swoon-worthy. Makeup, lashes, nails, skin, hair, fashion, fragrance, and so much more. Beautify is an action word (which literally means “to make or become beautiful”), and my goal is to put the power of beauty in YOUR hands. 

As edgy as ‘the siren eye’ and familiar as the French mani, we’re here to celebrate beauty as the ultimate form of self-expression and champion glam for all. From demystifying hair spray holds to tackling TikTok trends worth trying (and everything little beauty thing in between) our team of contributors and content creators have you covered with the best beauty tips, tricks, breaking trends, video tutorials, and trust-worthy product recommendations. Whether you’re a makeup maven or a beauty beginner, there’s something here for every skill level. 

A little about me: Well, I basically play with beauty products for a living. (Someone has to, right?!)  As a former beauty editor,  it’s safe to say I have spritzed, sprayed, swatched and sampled thousands (and thousands!) of beauty products. I have interviewed countless celebrities, traveled to spas around the world, appeared on TV with my tried-and-true tips, made  numerous TV appearances, heck…I even found my way to the GINORMOUS billboard in the heart of Times Square, so needless to say my passion for all things beauty is pretty much unparalleled.   

Which is stronger: ultra-hold or mega hold? Besides deeply pondering hairspray holds, I’m a beauty and lifestyle journalist with nearly 20 years of experience, and my work has appeared on the pages glossy magazines and major media outlets. Chances are, if you read a beauty, fashion, or health article over the last decade or two, and found yourself laughing a little, even though the topic wasn’t really meant to be funny…it was probably my byline! 

So fast-forward to now: I recently left my dream job as Beauty Director of BELLA Magazine (a position I proudly held for 11 years) and took a very glambitious leap into my next dream job, and joined KISS Products Inc.

I literally got chills the first time I walked through the doors of that impressive building in Port Washington, NY, and quite frankly—I still do every time I come to work. KISS is a global leader in professional quality beauty products and treatments, with iconic brands sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Empowering beauty enthusiasts to “Bring the Salon Home” has been the KISS way since 1989, and the brand has been my go-to (both professionally and personally) for as long as I can remember. Truth be told, I’m literally obsessed with KISS. I’ve been wearing their the glue-on nails religiously for over a year.  I used to spend hours and beaucoup bucks at the salon every two weeks, but now, it only takes me about eight minutes to get my nails looking perfect, start-to-finish.

Here I am at my desk at KISS HQ flaunting Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Joining the KISS family could not have been a better fit for me. I’m a DIY girl through and through, and the brand’s core values and unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, and excellence match so perfectly with my own. I don’t believe you need to spend a lot of money on your beauty routine. Any beauty editor worth their weight in lip gloss knows that price DOES NOT equal performance.  I love to whip up homemade beauty recipes in my kitchen (messy but fun), I cut and color my own hair (not recommended), I skip the injections and pricey in-office procedures (too scared), in fact, I haven’t had a professional facial since JLo was known as ‘Jenny from the Block’. I’m not against any of those things, but I really love putting the power to beauty in my own hands. I’m all about making beauty easy, accessible, and affordable. Beauty is a bonus, and if I’m not having a hella good time trying out (and totally flubbing) that tricky new eyeliner trend I saw on TikTok, then what’s the point?! 


There is so much more to beauty than meets the eye, so in addition to expert advice, breaking trends, and must-have products, and more, be on the lookout for interviews and spotlights where we make people–and their efforts to make the world a more beautiful place – the heroes of the story. Convos with celebs and influencers, buying guides, interactive quizzes, video tutorials, livestreams, backstage access and behind-the-scenes coverage of newsworthy events…yep, we’ve got that in the lineup, too!

So kick back, click around, make yourself at home, and please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter. We’re sparkling new and our site is expanding rapidly, with new content rolling out multiple times a week.  

Thank you for allowing me to  “Bring the Salon Home” in a whole new way. My goal is to empower and inspire you…one BEAUTIFY tip at a time!

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Janene Mascarella