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Get Ready to Be Spellbound by the Harry Potter X SHEGLAM Color Collection

Conjure magical looks in a flash.

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Harry Potter

Just in time for spooky season, feast your eyes (and hands) on the Harry Potter X SHEGLAM Collection, a captivating line of products by SHEGLAM featuring eye shadow palettes, high-shine lip glosses, a lip mask and a glitter lipstick.  Want all the details? Keep scrolling!


Indulge in the captivating universe of the Harry Potter Color Collection, a selection of four distinct eyeshadow quads, each drawing inspiration from the revered houses of Hogwarts. Are you a chic Slytherin, a glamorous Gryffindor, a ravishing Ravenclaw, or perhaps a haute Hufflepuff? These velvety, pigmented mattes and gleaming foiled sparkles will bring forth the very essence of your chosen House, allowing you to flaunt your enchanting prowess with every blink of your eye.


Explore further with the ensemble of four lustrous, high-shine lip glosses, each paying homage to beloved magical potions.  I’m obsessed with the BEWITCHING BREWS LIP GLOSS SET, a book of four gorgeous potion-bottle lipglosses. 

Lip Mask

With its delicate lavender hue and a gloss-like sheen, the ultra-hydrating Magic Cauldron Lip Mask becomes a potion of nourishment, giving your lips with moisture and allure. You’ll feel like an enchantress or wizard, ready to captivate the world with your radiant smile.


With an ultra-hydrating formulation, Gifted Herbologist Glitter Lipstick come equipped with an effortlessly wielded bullet applicator, ensuring a seamless application for a breathtaking, dazzling effect. Achieve the perfect pout with a glossy black finish and delicate micro-glitter specks, all inspired by the wondrous realm of Herbology class.

To conjure your magical looks, visit sheglam.com and snatch up these enchanting fall must-haves before they vanish like a well-cast spell.

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