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Meet The 2023 KISS Colors & Care Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Get to know these amazing students.

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KISS Colors & Care

The KISS Colors & Care Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the textured haircare brand KISS Colors & Care, has announced the 5 scholarship recipients from their very first Next Generation Scholarship initiative.  Each student received a monetary amount to go towards the educational path of his/her choice. We recently got to know these incredible students and they wowed us with their impressive achievements, impeccable characters and amazing plans for the future. Watch out world, these bright stars are taking over!

Amber Ware
College Attending: University Of Pennsylvania
Future Goals: After I earn my degree, I plan to go to law school. After law school, I hope to work at a big law firm and continue to build my brand. My ultimate long-term goal is to own a law firm dedicated to representing low-income and minority individuals in the too often flawed legal system. 
Fun Fact: I have a passion for baking! When I was younger, I even had a YouTube baking channel called Bake Like A Diva. I love making treats and sharing them with my friends and family. 
Anthony Hardy
College Attending: Alice Tisdale Honors College at Claflin University 
Future Goals: I am playing collegiate baseball like my father and I intend on majoring in Kinesiology. My goal is to become a Sports Medicine physician. My curiosity for this field stems from my long and tedious history with sports injuries throughout my athletic career. I would find it rewarding to obtain knowledge about my previous injuries and help other athletes in similar situations that I once found myself in.
Fun Fact: I had the highest batting average in the State of Michigan among High School Seniors. For the 2022-23 school year my batting average was .667. It only takes a .300 batting average to be elected into the Hall of Fame for Major League Baseball


Laila Barnes
College Attending: Spelman College
Future Goals: I want to enjoy college and graduate at the top of my 2027 Spelman class. My plan is to become a reconstructive surgeon in the trauma department. There are so many people that undergo accidents and suffer not only physically, but mentally because of them. I just had my fourth keloid removal surgery and I’ve suffered from bullying, low self-esteem, feeling awkward and misunderstood due to a body imperfection. I want to help those that have been in my position. 
Fun Fact:  A fun fact about me is that when I was 8 years old I had a lip balm company called “Lai’s Lips” because I loved doing makeup. 


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Ethan Graham
College Attending: Howard University
Future Goals: I want to pursue a degree in Finance. With this degree, I intend on seeking a career in private equity and venture capital. I look forward to networking in the corporate arena, and developing relationships within the finance industry as I matriculate through Howard University.
Fun Fact: In my free time, I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Every week, I like to make a new recipe from scratch for my family.


Joshua Rowan
College Attending: University of Texas at Austin
Future Goals: I want to earn my BS in Computer Science. I plan to attend graduate school and earn my Master’s Degree in something AI-related.
Fun Fact:  I ran track for ten years and competed at the Junior Olympics 5 times.


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