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5 Edgy Hair Colors To Try This Summer

From dusty rose, Barbie pink, to silver blonde fox, and more. Here are the hottest "it" shades of the season.

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When it comes to changing the way you look, there are a million and one ways to go about it. From something as quick as trying out a new shade of lipstick to something as dramatic as changing the color of your hair.

While what’s in your head is more important than what’s on it, changing your hair color can often be an emotionally charged and powerful experience.  As someone who’s rocked a number of shades; from more naturally occurring colors like blonde and red to colors more common in a comic book like pink and blue, the color of your hair can often change how you and the world perceive yourself.  As beauty legend Rihanna herself once said, “I love changing my hair color. It makes me feel like a new person.”

Here are a few edgy tones to try out for your hot girl summer.

Dusty Rose

There’s the neon pink hair of the manic pixie dream girl variety, then there’s cherry blossom pink that many a douyin-beauty girlie loves to rock, and then you have your dusty rose. 

Dusty rose is a muted shade of pink that has beige-gray and soft violet undertones. One of the great perks of dusty rose is that if you have naturally dark hair, dusty rose pairs well with darker-toned roots, so it will save you a bit of time and money on constantly doing touch-ups. Just make sure to use a color-protecting shampoo to help keep the rosy shade at its peak fabulousness. 

Pastel Peach

If you’re tired of a cherry-blossom pink, baby blue hue, then pastel peach is just the color you’re looking for. Pastel peach is just as it sounds, a peachy orangey-pink tone that is the epitome of soft-girl chic. 

It’s best to try to go with less frequent washings, which can be aided by using a dry shampoo and washing your hair with cool to cold water to keep the color for as long as possible. 

Cherry Cola Red


Yep, you read that right. Cherry cola red is one of the top hair colors if you’re looking to have a hot girl summer. Let me explain.

Rather than the fire of the vivid Jessica Rabbit-esque red or the sweet softness of a strawberry blond shade, cherry cola red provides a bold but still chic shade to wear for the more color-conscious individual. 

The cherry cola-inspired hue is a burgundy shade that features hints of red and purple. The color is a major flashback to the funky redheads of the late 90s and early 2000s and is perfect for the Y2K-loving baddie to sport. 

Cherry cola red is the ultimate hair color for darker-toned brunettes to play with. Your roots will blend in well with the deeper hues and give you an edgy-stylish touch if you want to take some time in between touch-ups. 

To give the color some extra va-va-voom, it’s best to avoid excessive heat styling as that will cause the color to fade more quickly and to use glossing hair products to show off that reddish-purple sheen in the light. 

Silver Blonde Fox 

Right now, blonde is trending like crazy, especially with the current hype around Barbie-core. If you want to step away from the crowd a bit, try out this icy take on the blonde hue. 

Versus the golden undertones of a true Barbie blond, the silver blond is an ultra-light, almost white, blond shade with very ashy undertones. 

Keep in mind that your hair, even when you are a natural blond, will undergo a bit of chemical processing, so it’s best to avoid excessive heat styling to prevent breakage and major dryness. It would also help to add a purple shampoo and condition to your haircare routine to keep your hair from turning brassy and warm over time. 

Warning, like any other shade of blonde, be careful to avoid spending too much time swimming in a pool, as the chlorine and sunshine may give the foxy silver look more of a greenish hue. 

Barbie Pink 

If you’re into barbie core and aren’t afraid to play around with a bold look, why not take the doll-inspired trend in an edgy direction with a bright magenta pink? Barbie pink, otherwise known by the Pantone shade color code #e0218a, is a deep blue-based pink. 

Not only is it an adorable way to look like your favorite anime-girly, deep pink hair color fades beautifully into a softer, almost cherry blossom-like pink…as opposed to a deep blue tone that often fades to a seaweed green shade without constant maintenance…saying this from a place of experience.

Hair color is a great area for experimentation; with your look and the way you go about life. I had way much more fun as a redhead than I ever did as a blond. Experimenting with hair hues allows you to try out different versions of yourself in a safe and stylish manner. 

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