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Janene’s October Beauty Obsessions

Break out the glow-in-the-dark pimple patches.

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Ah, October – the month of knee-high boots, cozy sweaters, and the perfect excuse to revamp your beauty routine. As we transition into fall, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite beauty finds for nails, lashes, skincare, and  hair care to keep you looking fabulous throughout the season. Here are my beauty recommendations this month that are perfect for your everyday routine.

Beachwaver 3B WAVER – CATWALK ($69.30)

The Catwalk 3B Waver makes waving your hair effortless and fast! Want mermaid waves in a flash? Just clamp, hold, release. 

ImPRESS FALSIES Natural & Wispy ($19.99)

Yep, I write about these all the time and these really are one of my holy grail beauty products. If you’re new here, Falsies are the first ever one-step press-on under lash application. No mistakes and no mess, these lashes are for everyone!

SpaLife Glow in the Dark Pimple Patches ($9.99)

Glowing pimple patches to heal the look of blemishes sure makes breakout a little more bearable. Non-drying and gentle enough to sleep in, and the pimple patches create a protective shield to help minimize the look of spots.

KISS Gel Fantasy Moved On ($8.99)

I love the look of glossy, jelly-like ‘Syrup Nails’! The shiniest, most fashionable way to get gorgeous, ready-to-wear nails takes minutes and lasts for up to a week.

Lyda Beauty SKN Hydrating Face Mist 24K ($72)

This luxe spritz helps revitalize overall skin appearance while providing a long lasting 24k Gold dewy finish. I love to use it all over!

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