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Fine Hair? Here’s 5 Expert Tips to Boost Volume

How not to fall flat.

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Fine Hair
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Fine hair, while often associated with a delicate and elegant appearance, comes with its own set of challenges. While we all envy those with voluminous locks, individuals with fine hair know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

One of the most common frustrations for people with fine hair is the persistent lack of volume. Fine hair tends to lie flat against the scalp, making it appear lifeless and lacking in body. This absence of volume can leave individuals feeling like they’re constantly battling to achieve that full, bouncy look that others seem to effortlessly possess.

Styling fine hair can be an uphill battle. While those with coarser hair may enjoy their styles for hours, fine-haired individuals often find that their hard-earned curls or waves fall flat within minutes. The slippery nature of fine hair makes it challenging to hold onto styles, leaving you with the impression that all your efforts have gone to waste.

The Struggle is Real

Fine hair also tends to be more prone to oiliness. This means that individuals with fine hair may find themselves needing to shampoo more frequently to combat greasy roots and maintain a fresh appearance. Overwashing, however, can lead to scalp issues such as dryness and irritation, adding to the frustration. (Trust me on this one!)

Another major frustration if you have fine hair is that it is more susceptible to tangling and breakage due to its fragile nature. Brushing or combing fine hair can often lead to frustrating knots and even hair loss if not done gently and carefully. This constant battle with tangles can be time-consuming and disheartening.

Having fine hair can limit the variety of hairstyles you can try. Updos, braids, and intricate styles may not hold as well or look as full on fine hair compared to those with thicker strands. This limitation can be especially frustrating when you want to experiment with your look for special occasions.

Now that I have listed the issues fine hair folks face, I’m certainly don’t want to leave you flat! Below, stylist and expert on fine hair, Meagan Ford shares five tried-and-true tips to help you turn up the volume.

5 Tips for Fine Hair
1. Blast dry your hair upside down, then style!

This helps to lift the hair at the roots and add volume. I love to do this to my hair at home! After blast drying and getting the hair 75% dry, I then use a round brush to smooth the ends for a finished look! Make sure you apply heat protection before drying for the best results and to keep your hair healthy.

2. Avoid heavy products.

Avoid using heavy conditioners, masks and styling products as they can weigh down fine hair, making it look flat and lifeless. I love the “Fully Fyne” hair mask, it was made for fine hair specifically!

3. Cut your hair regularly.

Regular trims can help keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends, which can make fine hair look thinner. I personally recommend as a stylist every 8-12 weeks!

4. Avoid tight hairstyles.

Tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails can pull on fine hair, causing breakage. Opt for loose hairstyles instead! I also recommend using silk scrunchies, or claw clips to prevent breakage!

5. Invest in high-quality hair products.

Good-quality professional hair products can make a big difference to the appearance of fine hair. Look for products specifically designed for fine hair, like lightweight shampoo and conditioners.  Don’t be afraid of hydrating products too, I recommend doing a good hydrating treatment every 1-2 weeks! Fully Fyne has an amazing hair mask that’s hydrating and lightweight!

Expert Pick: THE FYNE MASK ($46)

This gentle and quick absorbing hair treatment mask is enriched with Elula oil and coupled with Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract. Making your hair feel and look fuller without weighing it down from roots to ends.


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