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The Best Blushes for Mature Skin

Joah and LYDA Beauty are two of my faves.

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Navigating the blush aisle at any age is a bit like a treasure hunt, where X marks the spot for that perfect, beautifying blush. And if you have mature skin, the search gets even trickier. Sure, our skin has evolved from our 20s and 30s – it’s richer in stories and experiences – but since I now care for my skin in such a different way than I did decades ago, dare I say it’s even better!?

But when it comes to blush, there are just so many formulations out there. As someone who’s been in the trenches of beauty experimentation, I’m here to guide you through the blush conundrum, ensuring we all come out with a product that not only suits our mature skin but celebrates it.

Understanding Mature Skin

Let’s face it…nothing stays the same. Our skin changes over time, typically becoming drier and more textured. Traditional blushes can often accentuate what we’re trying to gently gloss over. We need products that are hydrating, offer smooth application, and don’t play hide-and-seek in our wrinkles.

Application Mastery

Before we dive into the products, let’s talk technique. Applying blush to mature skin isn’t just about swiping it on. It’s about strategic placement and blending. Aim for the high points of your cheeks where a natural flush would appear, and remember, blending is your best friend. Use a fluffy brush for a diffused look, and always start with a light hand – you can always add more.

My Top 5 Blush Picks for Mature Skin

Remember, beauty knows no age. Embracing your mature skin is not about hiding what you have but enhancing what you’ve earned. A good blush can lift your face and spirits. So go ahead, add that pop of color, and let the world see the rosy glow of your confidence!

From cult favorites to drugstore diamonds, here are my personal blush picks, taken right off my vanity.
1. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick  ($47, bloomindales.com)

This cream blush is the epitome of luxury and functionality. It glides on like a dream and gives a natural, luminous finish that doesn’t emphasize fine lines.

2. JOAH Air Light Soft Powder Blush in ‘Pink Dahlia’ ($6.99, CVS)

This weightless blush awakens your complexion with a vibrant pop of color. It’s made with optical-blurring pigments, to help diffuse the look of pores to blur imperfections.

3. NARS Orgasm Blush ($32, macys.com)

 It’s a cult classic for a reason. This blush offers a universally flattering shade with just the right amount of shimmer to bring a youthful glow.

4. LYDA BEAUTY The Dreamy Duo Cream Blush Cream Highlighter No. 51 ($45, macys. com)

This dreamy cream blush delivers a perfect rosy hue that nourishes the skin with vitamin E. It is well pigmented and glides on silky, effortlessly and looks gorgeous all day long.

5. GUCCI BLUSH DE BEAUTÉ in ‘Intense Plum’ ($49, sephora.com)

At first, the color really does look a bit intense, but trust me on this one. It’s very buildable and I’ve received so many compliments… I really love this shade during the summertime.