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I Tried imPRESS Press-on Falsies For a Month – and My Lash Game Has Been Changed Forever

Flawless, fluttery, false under lash pressies? Is this real life?!

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Press on Falsies

I’m going to just give it to you straight. There are two types of makeup lovers in this world: those who false lash, and those who don’t. And if you’re like me, and you kind of fall somewhere in the middle. I love the look of long, fluttery faux lashes, but for one reason or another, I fail miserably at putting them on. My attempts to get grip on strips or fully embrace any other form of false lash mastery has been futile to say the least. (It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.)  And the reason my DIY lash skills are subpar; I either use way too much bond, or I’m too impatient to wait for the lash glue to get tacky (yes, I know, a critical misstep) but the end result is always me wishing there was an easier way. Until recently, my beauty routine has been basically at the mercy of messy mascara. Whomp.

When I heard the news that imPRESS Manicure (the OG’s of press-on technology for the last ten years) was getting ready to launch Press-on Falsies, a groundbreaking collection of pre-glued, press-on false lash clusters, I was instantly intrigued. But as a magazine beauty editor for over a decade, who has certainly heard her share of hype, I was also legitimately skeptical. Truth is, I’m a little lazy (and I’m a lot clumsy) when it comes to lashes, so the thought of an under lash  press-on THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE GLUE was literally a dream come true. But do they work? Do they really stay on for 24 hours? Have I finally found an easy and affordable one-step false lash I can actually stick with??

Now that I have had a chance to test them out over the last few weeks, I have some opinions. imPRESS Press-on Falsies are – by far – the fastest and easiest way to get flawless, fluttery lashes I have ever tried. Instant game changer. It’s almost impossible to mess it up and trust me, if anyone can fail miserably at a lash moment, it most definitely would be me. These fluffy little lash clusters (with the bond already built in) are officially my new beauty BFF’s. Your can shop them on Amazon and find all your favorite styles.

True Story about Press-on Falsies.

Months leading up to the official launch of Falsies, getting my hands on a sample here at KISS HQ wasn’t exactly easy. They were such a hot commodity here; I think everyone was hoarding them and that was a major hint how amazing they were. (Everyone was raving about them.) Luckily, I did manage to score some Falsies, thanks to our very sweet social media manager, who knew I was dying to try them.

I tried Falsies for the first time Thanksgiving morning and oh, oooh, were they giving! Instant volume, length, curl, and drama…all the benefits of flawless, fluttery false lashes, but none of the fuss. The lash gods have heard my prayers!

Since the official launch of imPRESS Press-On Falsies wasn’t until the last week of December, I have been kind of sitting on this pretty little secret. On Christmas Eve, a friend asked me what salon I go to for my lash extensions. Truth is, professional lash extensions are way too pricey and time consuming for me, so that was never my thing. I was wearing the soon-to-be-launched Falsies but since I didn’t have any samples to share at the time, or a live website link, I kind of kept quiet and took a swig of my Prosecco. All in good time…

But now that the secret is out and Press-on Falsies have hit the streets, I’m so ready to share the good word and offer up my tried-and-true review. Yes, you can get that coveted lash extension look – from natural to dramatic – in one simple step. No glue needed. No strips to cut. No appointment to make. No struggle, no stress, no mess. All you need to do is just press them on and go. It really is that simple.

Ahead, you’ll find everything you need to know about imPRESS Press-on Falsies, answers to your burning questions, my honest thoughts, plus expert tips and tricks on how to apply and remove press-on lashes all on your own.

What are Press-On Falsies?

imPRESS Press-On Falsies are THEE fastest way to get flawless lashes in a flash. The pre-bonded, self-adhesive lash clusters let you customize your lash look any way you see fit, and the revolutionary ‘under lash’ application is what makes them look so naturally gorgeous. As the term aptly suggests, ‘under lash’  means you apply the Falsies under your lash line, instead of over/above your lash line. And what makes these lashes so radically different: there’s no glue needed. The pressure-sensitive adhesive on the lashes adheres instantly – with a secure 24-hour hold, so all you need to do is just press and go! The imPRESS Press-on Falsies Kit comes with an innovative nonstick applicator, to help you pick up the lash clusters, place them where you want, and press them on, effortlessly.

How Do You Apply imPRESS Press-On Falsies?

This is the brilliant part. There’s no lengthy how-to tutorial to follow, but if it’s your first time applying under lash clusters, it can take a few tries to get the hang of. The pre-glued lash clusters go under your natural lashes (not over!) so the bands blend in beautifully with your own lashes and the look is so natural.

  1. Pluck a cluster from the tray. (Gently.)
  2. Place the cluster underneath your natural lashes, avoiding the waterline.
  3. Squeeze clusters and natural lashes together with the applicator and cue the compliments.

How Do You Remove Press-On Falsies?

Taking the lashes off is just as easy and effortless and putting them on. With clean hands, use your fingers to remove the clusters by gently lifting them off, starting with the band side.

Watch: Celebrity makeup artist Rae Dawn J Brooks shows you how to apply Press-on Falsies

How Does It Feel Wearing Press-on Falsies?

After you press on them, they feel featherlight and weightless. It’s very easy to forget you’re even wearing them, and they’re very comfortable. I tend to be very sensitive and very aware that I’m wearing false lashes in the past, but these feel pretty fantastic. I didn’t feel any type of poking or rubbing, in fact, for the most part, I totally forget I’m wearing them.

How Long Do Press-on Falsies Last?

Press-on Falsies lasts up to 24 hours, so when you’re ready to take off your makeup at the end of the day, you take your Falsies off, too. Last week I dozed off for a few hours while binge-watching Netflix on the couch and fortunately for me, my Falsies stayed put while I snoozed, so I didn’t have to re-apply for my dinner late that evening. That certainly is a testament to their staying power. If I was wearing mascara, it would have been a mess because my eyes tend to water a little when I first wake up. Falsies are water-resistant, thank goodness. So, if you get caught in the rain or watching a sad movie, you’re good.  After weeks of wearing them, not once did any lash cluster fall off or move out of place. (Not even after my 2-hour dance sesh on New Year’s Eve.) So, I’d say the claim of all-day wear is completely legit.

Can Press-on Falsies Last Longer If You Apply Glue?

Ah, I asked the same question to in imPRESS team and it’s a hard no. It is not recommended you use any additional bond, glue, or any type of false lash adhesive or sealant with Press-On Falsies. That pretty much defeats the purpose, no?! Why add a step to one-step lashes…so not necessary! I kind of see these as one-and-done lashes. If you’re looking for DIY lash extensions that can last longer –up to 10 days of wear– I highly suggest you check out FALSCARA..

Where Can I Buy Press-on Falsies?

Two really great things about imPRESS Press-on Falsies: price and accessibility.  The fact that they are so easy to find, and really affordable is just icing on the cake. You can buy them at impressmanicure.com, kissusa.com, Ulta.com,  Target.com, or at select Target and Ulta stores.

  • The $16.99 Kit contains 20 pre-bonded eyelash clusters, about enough for two or three applications, depending on what look you are trying to achieve, there are four styles: Natural, Voluminous, Spiky, and Glamor.
  • The $19.99 Kit contains 30 pre-bonded eyelash clusters, and they come in Natural & Wispy and Voluminous & Curly.
  • The $14.99 Refill Kit contains 30 pre-bonded eyelash clusters (without the applicator) and these are great to restock your faux lash stash whenever you’re running low. Refills come in styles Wispy and Curly.

Press-On Falsies Have Gone Viral

@jayceebeauty Alright @kissproducts… I see you 👀. These are the new Kiss impress press-on falsies in the style “voluminous.” I love how easy these are to apply and how beautiful they look! They look like lash extensions! I wish they were a bit more affordable, but that’s my only comment! They lasted me all day and I probably could have worn them another day or two. #kisslashes #kisspressonfalsies #gluelesslashes #newlashes #beautyreview #productreview #pressonfalsies #lashesreview #newmakeup #trendingmakeup #newbeautyproducts #newbeauty #makeupinfluencer #beautyinfluencer #freelancemakeupartist #makeupartist #makeupartistreview ♬ original sound - Jaycee Beauty

My Tried & True Review of imPRESS Press-On Falsies

The first time I applied Press-on Falsies, I was so proud of myself (like really proud) how quickly I got them on without messing up. I did have some experience with the under lash technique, so that part wasn’t too difficult for me. (Where I run into trouble is when bond or glue needs to be applied, so swiping that step out of the scenario instantly set me up for success.) After placing the clusters, I pressed for a few seconds, and the Falsies blended in seamlessly with my realsies…OMG, SO FREAKING EASY!

Even more impressive than how quickly I applied them, is how fabulous they looked on. False lashes tend to make my eyes look a bit too overdone and extra, but I immediately marveled in mirror and thought, “Whoa, these look and feel incredibly real.” 

My Experience Wearing Press-on Falsies  

I am utterly obsessed with how easy it is. Will Press-on Falsies be a mainstay in my makeup routine from now on? YES!  I love wearing the Natural style as an everyday lash, but when I really want to amp up the drama, there are other trendy style options, like Spiky and Glamor to choose from.

Here are some more helpful tips and trick I have learned:

  • When placing the clusters under your lash line, looking down into a magnifying mirror helps immensely.
  • Because my natural lashes are short, straight, and point downward (oh thanks, genetics), I found that using an eyelash curler beforehand helps lifts them up a little to get better lash cluster placement. You don’t need to curl your lashes, but in my case, I prefer to.
  • I prefer to remove the lash clusters and apply under my lashes with my fingers, and then I use the nonstick applicator tool provided in the kit to push them in place and press together with my natural lashes. 

  • The pre-bonded lash clusters are pressure sensitive. They will cling on to your real lashes immediately, but you can move them around and adjust before you seal the deal and press them on. I don’t press until all the clusters are in place. Once you love the look, use the applicator to press the clusters and your natural lashes together.
  • Be sure to pick up the entire lash cluster right in the middle when removing from the tray. Just don’t grab it by the ends. I made that mistake, and one of my lash clusters tore. I was still able to use the two cluster halves, but it’s way easier if you pluck it out of the tray the right way. You can use the applicator tool to remove from the tray and apply (as the directions advise) but as I mentioned above, I prefer to do this with my fingers, I just feel like it gives me more control. If you do use your fingers, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands first and avoid touching the self-stick adhesive band area.
  • You can stack them if you want a little extra oomph, or use them as accent lashes, which is what I love to do sometimes, pressing them on only at the outer corners to achieve a cat-eye look.

How I Prefer to Remove Press-on Falsies

According to the directions, all you need to do to remove them is just gently and slowly separate the Falsies with your real lashes and that’s it. Personally, I prefer to use a little makeup remover to loosen things up. Since wearing Falsies, I have not changed one thing about my makeup removal routine. I typically wear concealer, eyeliner, and eyeshadow and that all needs to be removed, so I saturate a cotton pad with my favorite micellar water, hold over my eye for a few seconds, and gently swipe away.  Usually, the Falsies slide right off onto the cotton pad.

I’m happy to report that no lashes were harmed in the making of this review—phew, not one. You can also add a little eye makeup removed on a cotton swab and dab on before removing them. Either way, I give the removal process a 10/10 because there was not a trace of residue or stickiness left on my natural lashes, and no damage or lash causalities.

The Bottom Line

Press-On Falsies are the sweet spot, no matter where you fall on the false lash spectrum, no matter what your skill level is, no matter how diva or demure you want your lashes to look. They’re as stunning as strip lashes, as natural looking as professional lash extensions, and as commitment-free as mascara. Now I can say I am *officially* a false lash pro, and that, my beauties, is a modern-day miracle.z

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