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How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro

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How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro


There’s nothing more fiercely transforming than falsies. Here’s how to do it.

In the makeup world, once you have mastered the art of applying fluttery, false eyelashes, you pretty much feel like you have unequivocally conquered the universe. FLAWLESS VICTORY! It’s certainly a skill that can easily make or break your entire beauty routine.  But if you’re a beginner, it’s totally intimidating.  Let’s be real, nothing strikes fear in a newbie’s heart more than ordering your Uber for a big night out and realizing you only having a few minutes to pop on your false lashes. But the amplifying payoff of wearing long, lush, look-at-me lashes makes it SO worth the mini panic attack.

Ready to fine-tune your falsie skills and apply strip lashes like a pro? According to celebrity makeup artist Lauren Vena, with a little practice, anyone can master the technique in minutes. Read on for her best trips and tricks.


Make sure all your eye makeup is on first. If your natural lashes need a little lift and you feel the need to curl your lashes, curl before mascara. Follow with your favorite mascara.  When you open the package of the lashes, press down on lash to remove from plastic. Remove the adhesive that the lash has on it that keeps it on the box.


Measure the lash on your eye to make sure it’s not too long. If it is hanging off the side that means you need to trim a little off the corner. Always cut from the outer corner, Vena advises. The lashes are shorter on the inner, like they naturally should be, she explains, so be sure to only trim the outer corners of your false lashes.


Once both sides are fitted, now is when you use your favorite lash glue. Use a thin layer and apply on the strip of the lash. Don’t apply it right away, Vena explains. It’s important to let it dry (for about 30 seconds) until it gets tacky.  This is a game-changer so don’t rush this step!


Using your fingers (or a tweezer) and a magnifying mirror, Vena says to tilt your head back a little and apply lash right on your lash line. “Remember the longer hairs are on the outer corner, shorter hair on inside,” she adds.


Finish the look by pressing your false lashes and real lashes together. Make sure the inner and outer corners are blended and secure. Ta-da–you’re done!


Which Lash Styles Should You Choose?

Vena has worked on countless magazine covers, editorial shoots, and fashion shows and she often arrives on set armed with her favorite lash brand – KISS. “Whether I’m working on a bride, or a celebrity, KISS lashes are always my go-to lash!” she says. She started using KISS lashes because being a MUA in the bridal industry, she needed a lash that stayed on all day. (The strip couldn’t be too heavy or thick where it would lift, and the lash had to look realistic and be full but also appear natural.) Vena says she’s tried a lot of brands on the market and ultimately fell in love with KISS.  Her favorite styles are So Wispy for a natural glam look and Lash Couture Faux Mink, when she needs to dial up the drama.



How Do You Remove False Lashes?

When removing lashes at the end of the night, Vena always tell her clients to do whatever you’re comfortable with. Some people like to peel them right off, and some like to put a little makeup remover on them and slide them right off. “This is why I love KISS because either way, your real lashes won’t come off and they are totally reusable,” Vena explains. “Just peel that adhesive glue off the lash and put them back in the box for next time. If they ever get dirty from shadow and liner you can always clean them with eye makeup remover, and they are as good as new!”


Lauren Vena has been a pro makeup artist for 20 years, who has worked with Mac, Chanel, Dior, Nars, and Clarins. She is currently the in-house cover and features makeup artist for Bella Magazine.