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Makeup Artists Share Their Best Money-Saving Tips

Pros share the scoop on beauty tricks that that won’t break the bank.

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While most of us would love to have millions of dollars to spend on an endless supply of beauty products and treatments, the reality is that few people, even the top makeup artists, do not. And besides, who doesn’t love a great bargain or genius beauty hack that gives us more money to spend on shoes and DoorDash?  We chatted with some professional makeup artists, and they shared some of their best money saving beauty tips that you can start using TODAY. Keep scrolling and make sure to add these to your routine ASAP!

Major Multi Taskers

In our busy, crazy lives efficiency is so important, especially in our beauty routines. Most of the makeup artists we consulted praised the use of multi-use products. NYC-based celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist Alexandra Baranoff loves multiple sticks from brands like Nars. “These work on lips, cheeks and eyes and since they are 3-in-1, they don’t add weight to your evening bag.” She also uses hand cream, Kiehl’s is one of her favorites, as a quick frizzy hair fighter especially in humid weather, “a little goes a long way, but it gets the job done and is easy to throw in your bag.”


Smooth Moves

NYC film makeup artist Ashley Fox, sings the praises of Vaseline. “Who doesn’t have a tub in their medicine cabinet? “It works as a lip balm, but I use it on brows as well. Don’t waste money on clear brow gel. Get an unused mascara wand and dip it in Vaseline to shape and tame brows. I also use it on eyelids and cheeks to create a dewy look.” We love a triple threat!


Tress for Less

Fox also recommends mixing water and hair conditioner in a spray bottle for an easy DIY leave-in treatment. Shake it up and spray it on after the shower.  “I especially love using this trick in the summer before I hit the beach or pool. I throw the bottle in my beach bag and use it as a hair protectant from the elements and chlorine.”


Moisture Mojo

Out of makeup remover? Fox uses moisturizer to remove her makeup, “It takes off my makeup and hydrates my skin. That’s both a money and a time saver. What’s better than that?” Anthea King, Austin-based celebrity makeup artist has tips for making the most out of your skincare regimen.  “For dry skin types who use moisturizing or hydrating masks – try using these masks as sleep masks. Apply a thin layer of the mask and leave it on overnight as a sleep mask. Skin repairs itself most during this time so you will reap the benefits of extra repair time. You don’t need to spend extra on an overnight mask.”

Add To Instacart 

Look no further than your pantry or fridge for some budget busting beauty hacks. Instead of throwing down three lattes worth of cash for fancy cucumber undereye patches, Fox throws cucumber slices in her freezer for the same effect. “It is a great way to depuff, especially after a night of indulging in Cabernet. Cucumbers are packed with Vitamin C and really help to reduce swelling. “Pop them on your eyes for 5-10 minutes for best results.”



Fox is also a fan of coconut oil. “It is a staple in my moisturizing routine. I use it as a body moisturizer, a hair treatment and I even put a little under my eyes at night. It also smells like a vacation which is an added bonus.” She also loves vanilla extract. “Put a few drops in your unscented body moisturizer and instantly create a delicious smelling lotion. You can also dab it on your wrists and wear it as perfume.”

Lip Service

Toronto-based hair and makeup artist Andrea Claire praises of good ‘ol brown sugar. “There is no need to waste money on a fancy lip scrub. Use 2 parts brown sugar mixed with 1 part olive oil and use your fingers or a fresh toothbrush to apply to your lips.” You will get the same effect of a fancy scrub without breaking the bank.”

Perfect Your Pout

While we’re on the subject of lip scrubs, King is also not a fan. She recommends using any lip balm and a damp washcloth to scrub away dry skin flakes. “There is no need for scrubs or lip masks when you can do this easy hack – especially before wearing bright lip colors that accentuate dry lips,” she advises.

Preventive Measures
Claire also believes that having a good skincare routine 365 days a year is key to staying out of the dermatologist’s office. “A routine exfoliation habit is important because it eliminates the need for pricey peels or treatments in the derm’s chair. Skin that is exfoliated regularly will also increase the absorption rate of the active ingredients in your serums and moisturizers for the best results. This means you will use less of your products because your exfoliated skin will better absorb them.” Claire is a fan of Skin Food’s Pineapple Peel.

Tools of the Trade
Barnett, also recommends investing in a lip brush – “Just when you think you’ve finished your favorite expensive lip color, grab a lip brush and paint. All lipsticks contain a quarter to half bullet of product in the tube base, so just when you think you’re done, you’re not.”  


Alexandra Baranoff is a film and celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist primarily based in NYC.  

Anthea King has been a celebrity and fashion makeup artist for over 20 years. She started in NYC, but is now based in Austin, Texas.

Ashley Fox is a NYC-based film and television makeup artist. She also is a brow expert and a mom of two.

Andrea Claire is a Toronto-based hair and makeup artist who works on celebrities, editorial and bridal clients.

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