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Patricia Kara’s New Book is a Masterclass in Making It in Showbiz

Essential advice for breaking into the entertainment industry.

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making it in showbiz
Photo: Patricia Kara

Do you have dreams of making it in the dazzling world of entertainment? Actress, model, spokesperson, and television personality, Patricia Kara, has worked in the entertainment business for over thirty years, including starring with Howie Mandel on all three versions of the iconic show, Deal Or No Deal, and appearances in America’s Got Talent, Extra, Access Hollywood, Fox Movie Channel, and People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People”.  She is now sharing her hard-earned wisdom on how to break into the industry and thrive in it.

With no initial connections, limited resources, and no internet in the early days of her career, Kara relied on sheer determination and drive to make it in this competitive field. Her new book “Dream On…Now Deliver: The No Nonsense Guide to Achieving Success in the Entertainment Industry” delves into Kara’s extensive experience in show business, offering insights and guidance for navigating the entertainment world. One day after the launch, “Dream on Now Deliver”, reached #1 on Amazon’s Bestselling New Releases.

Ahead, Kara tells Beautify all about her journey to success, shares a few tips and tricks for breaking into the entertainment industry, plus of course, we asked her to dish about her a few of her beauty faves.

Journey to Success: In your book ‘Dream On…Now Deliver,’ you share your experiences in the entertainment industry. Could you tell us about a pivotal moment in your career that significantly influenced your journey?

Moving to New York was the best thing I ever did personally and professionally. I learned so much about myself and the business. I grew up a great deal as a young woman and in my profession. I was working consistently, and it opened the door to more acting and hosting. After several years of success in New York, I decided it was time to move to Los Angeles which eventually led to working on the show, Deal or No Deal; another pivotal moment in my career.  I got to see a show develop from an unknown to an enormous success. It was also life changing in many ways for me. The entertainment business has a lot of ups and downs, but when you are on top, the industry and the fans really take you on a great ride. Additionally, for me to be selected for the syndicated version and on the reboot.

Advice for Aspiring Artists: What key advice do you offer in your book for individuals aspiring to break into the entertainment industry, especially those interested in beauty and fashion?

The entertainment industry is one of the toughest and most humbling businesses that anyone can work. I would just tell them to surround themselves with the best people that they can and to understand they will fail a lot more than they will succeed. Be smart, be strong and do not be afraid to take chances and use that chance as an experience to learn. The more you can network and expose yourself to the industry, the more opportunities will be presented to you. In entertainment, as in any aspect of life, if you want it bad enough, are willing to work harder than anyone else, and stay humble, you will eventually get your chance; then you just have to do something with it. Go for what you want to do, whatever it is, listen to your instincts and make it happen!

Challenges and Overcoming Them: The entertainment industry is known for its highs and lows. Could you share some challenges you’ve faced and how you overcame them, as discussed in your book?

The entertainment business is a rollercoaster ride. Business in general, but especially the entertainment business, is constantly evolving, with new considerations and challenges arising all the time. I have built a strong foundation in my career, as I discuss in my book, and I can rely on those fundamentals to help me get through anything, I still must stay on top of what is the current or next obstacle on my path. This industry does not allow for passive success, you must actively adapt and work to keep moving forward. The smallest change in the audition process, style, technology, or any number of other variables can make something that worked well before obsolete now. This is why you need to build a firm business base, and always be ready for the next adjustment. Maintaining the work ethic and determination to keep fighting back against the evolution of entertainment is vital to long term success.

Balancing Beauty and Professionalism: How do you balance the emphasis on beauty and appearance in the entertainment industry with maintaining a sense of professionalism and authenticity?

There are a lot of beautiful women in Hollywood. I do not think about trying to set myself apart or keep up with what the current entertainment narrative is at any time. I trust myself and just do my thing day in and day out. I try to stay true to myself and do the work because I know that most things in life are cyclical, and entertainment is no different. I work hard and pursue the thing I love to do since that is what I can control in my career. I enjoy the process and let things fall into place. Regardless of what may be happening outside of your control, there is always A LOT of work, but if you want to be successful, you need to keep going. Sometimes I am right for the job, sometimes it’s someone else, but I know there is something for everyone, it’s just what you put into it and what the job is looking for; I don’t take things personally.

Beauty Favorites and Tips: As someone who has spent considerable time in the spotlight, could you share some of your personal beauty go-to’s or tips that have been your staples throughout your career?

Taking care of myself, being active, working out, always removing my make-up at night, trying to keep my face out of the sun…the list goes on and on, but it is my work, so I must be smart and really focus on taking care of myself, there is no easy way to do it. I feel my best when I know that I have been taking care of my mind and body. I make sure to get good rest, take a day off from time to time, but the more than I can do to keep my attitude positive, the better!

Just a quick list of things that I do…

  1. Daily exercise: I try to walk an hour to 2 hours a day (great for skin).
  2. You don’t need to spend so much money on expensive products. Neutrogena and Cetaphil work well and are less expensive, not an endorsement, just a fact.
  3. Less is more: mascara, blush, and gloss (no need to cake your face).
  4. People always told me to stay out of the sun and I just didn’t listen. I now realize I had TANOREXIA. I know it’s impossible so minimize exposure to the sun as best as you can, and protect your skin (sunblock, hats, shades).
  5. Facial moisturizer every day, you will not regret it!
  6. Lip gloss or lip balm, Vaseline works well as an option!
  7. Garnier, or your favorite brand, towelettes makeup remover
  8. Baking soda mixed with facial cleanser makes for a great facial scrub.

Also, have a health definition of ‘beauty’ because I know its cliché, but I personally believe beauty comes from the inside. It’s how you treat yourself and others, from people close to you to strangers. Beauty comes from who you are on a regular basis even when no one is watching.