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Summer Nail Trend: Blueberry Milk Nails Are Causing Quite a Commotion on TikTok

Meet the milky blue mani you'll be seeing everywhere this summer.

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Blueberry Milk Nails

What do all IT girls have in common? They are donning the hottest new summer nail shade – a gorgeous milky blue hue that not even trend forecasters were able to see coming. This hot new trend is known all over social media as blueberry milk nails and we’ve got the 411 on it.


@whowhatwear blueberry milk nails are my whole personality for summer 2023. 🫐🥛 #summernails #nailinspo2023 #sofiarichienails ♬ original sound - whowhatwear

From Sofia Richie Grainge to Dua Lipa and Sabrina Carpenter, the blueberry milk nails are bound to be the hottest new shade on everyone’s fingertips this summer. We all know the saying: “I saw Sofia Richie Grainge wearing blueberry milk nails, so I got blueberry milk nails.” We all know the chokehold Sofia’s personal style has us in and we are happy to oblige. She can do no wrong in our eyes. 

As I am writing this, there is a heated debate going on on TikTok right now, as many users say that blueberry milk nails are just as same as pastel blue nails and that it is not necessary to give this hue a brand new name.   So, whether you should call them blueberry milk nails or pastel blue nails, we’ll leave it all at the discretion of YOU, the reader. However, if you are ready to give this nail trend a try, look no further than imPRESS and KISS for their amazing collection of press-on nails in various shapes and styles, giving you the hottest mani makeover in minutes. Just press and go! Check out all of the gorgeous blue hues they have to offer below.

imPRESS Color Press-on Manicure Baby Blue
Photo: imPRESS
Photo: imPRESS
imPRESS Press-On Manicure Petite Heartstrings
Kiss Gel Fantasy In Fresh Air
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