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5 Body Oils We Love

From shimmery to sun-protecting, check out our top 5 picks when we want to get slick.

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While we love our creams and lotions, sometimes we are all about body oils. A lot of them leave this skin super glowy and they can really provide major hydration after a sun-soaked day at the beach. Here is a round up of our 5 favorite oils. They are all unique in their own way so we apologize in advance if you want to buy them all!

Photo: Sephora

Both myself and our Editor-in-Chief Janene Mascarella are obsessed with this brand and this caffeine packed, non-greasy oil that helps to firm and debloat skin. This is one to slather on after a weekend of margs and burritos. Not only do we love the effects of the oil, but the smell is beachy and simply addicting. 

Photo: Target

I’ve been using this body oil for years. I love how lightweight it is and its super subtle scent. Neutrogena’s products never irritate my skin or make me break out. I even put it in the bath to give my skin a moisture boost while I soak.

Nina, our social media manager and Ph.D on every beauty product, touts this body oil. “I love how nourishing and lightweight it feels. It’s rich but not greasy. It’s also packed with Undaria Seaweed that replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier.  It just makes my skin look so glowy and perfectly nourished.” 


Photo: Sephora

I am a huge fan of the Morrocanoil hair products but their body products are just as amazing. This body oil is super hydrating without being uber greasy and the smell is like a beach in a bottle. It gives me the perfect subtle shimmer that makes me look and feel glow-y all over. 


Photo: Supergoop!

We are obsessed with the Supergoop! Line of sunscreens because they feel more like makeup and less like sunscreen. They are weightless, blendable and effortless to apply. Their glow oil is no different. You can totally use it as your sunscreen or as your daily body moisturizer after the shower. It is rich in anti-oxidants and leaves the body with an enviable glow.   


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