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The Best Gifts for Leo Signs

Spoil your fave and fiercest besties with these birthday treats.

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Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac and falls between July 23-Aug 22. It is a fire sign and is symbolized by a lion. It is not surprising that common Leo traits include being confident, adoring of the spotlight, fiercely protective of their nearest and dearest and lovers of luxury. They have big personalities and are not afraid to show them. Leos are fun to be around, make great loyal friends and will always encourage you to splurge on that designer bag. Check out our favorite gifts for all the Leos in your life.

The Leo color palette is inspired by sunshine shades and firey hues. These imPRESS nails dazzle in a rich red orange and have rhinestone accents made for nights out.

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She will adore this delicate engraved necklace in gold vermeil that flaunts her Leo sign. It is super versatile and perfect for creating those trendy layered necklace looks.

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A delivery of these gourmet bite-sized cupcakes will satisfy any Leo’s sweet tooth. The bright packaging and festive flavors make this gift a no-brainer. 

There is no doubt your favorite Leo is having a big birthday bash. Treat her to a Falscara lash kit so she can up her beauty game with fabulous set of flutters.  

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These statement earrings were made for Leo girls. Not only are they in their signature colors, but the bold design will get them plenty of attention.

How to apply bronzer

Joah’s best-selling bronzing and shadow palette is guaranteed to make any birthday girl smile. It’s sunset-inspired shades also vibe with the Leo aesthetic.

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Leos LOVE their luxury. While most of us can’t surprise our nearest and dearest with a Dior bag, this intense moisture balm for hands, lip and body is a thoughtful substitute. 

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Chaser tees are the comfiest and coolest ones on the market. We love this rocker one in a shade of yellow that will go perfectly with her summer tan.

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