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Current Fragrance Obsession: Burberry Goddess

Welcome to your lioness era.

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Burberry Goggess
Photo: Burberry Beauty

On the prowl for a fierce and seductive new fall scent? This week, Burberry Beauty  unveiled their newest fragrance pillar for women; Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum and let me tell you, this fragrance has captivated me like no other! I received a bottle of this hypnotic scent months ago, and I have been spritzing on this  sultry secret ever since. Now that I can finally share the news, my two-word review: INSTANT INFATUATION. I shall explain…

I have encountered countless fragrances, each with its own charm and allure. But from the moment I encountered Burberry Goddess, I knew I had stumbled upon something extraordinary. It’s like the universe conspired to create a potion that perfectly aligned with my fragrance sensibilities. Never before have I experienced a scent that so effortlessly blends strength and vulnerability, power and kindness, sensuality and elegance.

It’s no wonder that compliments have been raining down on me like confetti ever since I embraced Goddess. From co-workers to family members, friends to even Uber drivers, everyone’s been curious about the magic I’ve been wearing. Each time I head, “What is that intoxicating scent you’re wearing?” or “You smell divine, what perfume is that?” my heart swelled with joy, but it’s only now that I can sing the praises, since I had to wait until the official lunch to call this intoxicating elixir by name. It’s Burberry’s Goddess Eau de Parfum, and whoa it is divine. 

Photo: Burberry Beauty

What sets Goddess apart from the rest is not just its enchanting aroma but also its commitment to sustainability. Embracing an innovative approach, Burberry has launched its first-ever refillable fragrance. And we all know that sustainability is not just a trend; it’s a responsibility we must all embrace. Bravo, Burberry for leading the way!

Now, let’s talk about the heart and soul of this mesmerizing elixir. Goddess is a unique gourmand fragrance with a vegan formula that strikes all the right chords. At its core, a powerful trio of vanilla infusion, vanilla caviar, and vanilla absolute from ethically sourced Madagascar, forms an irresistible symphony. These sweet, creamy notes are harmoniously balanced with a luminous lavender top note, creating an experience that’s truly otherworldly.

Welcome to your lioness era.

A fragrance is more than just the sum of its notes; it’s a story that unfolds on our skin and in our hearts. And this story is masterfully brought to life by none other than the French-British actress, Emma Mackey. Her portrayal of self-discovery, driven by confidence, strength, and kindness, is nothing short of inspiring. Like a lioness, Emma takes us on a journey to embrace our true selves and unlock the power within.

 “Being afforded the opportunity to become an ambassador for the new Burberry fragrance feels particularly special and personal,” says Mackey. “To me, lionesses represent female unity and strength. They are confident and move together. Much like them, we stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us and those who bolster us throughout our own lives. To me, this image is a real source of empowerment.”

Luxurious formulation.

As Burberry’s first refillable fragrance, Goddess is a unique gourmand aromatic fragrance led by a powerful trio of distinct vanillas. Collected by hand, the beans spend five to seven weeks drying in the sun. They are then stored in wooden boxes to mature and develop their sweet signature aroma. During this process, the vanilla accord is wrapped with notes of lavender, in addition to earthy notes of cocoa and ginger roots, creating an aromatic balance to each distinct vanilla.

The refillable bottle boasts an elegant, yet contemporary design with the gabardine-inspired gold label on the outer casing playing homage to Burberry’s long-standing heritage, while the archive-inspired bottle is modernized with a gold medallion.

Burberry Goddess is available at Macys.com for $168 (100ml). The fragrance will also be available in 50ml, 30ml and 10ml formats, in addition to the refillable bottle (150ml), shower gel and body lotion to complete the collection.



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