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Ep. 11: Talking K-Beauty with Joah Brand Director Hae Jin Chang

The best beauty products to achieve 'glass skin'.

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Janene Mascarella (EIC of Beautify.tips by KISS) + Vanessa Coppes (EIC & CEO of BELLA Magazine) sit down together in the showroom at KISS HQ in Port Washington, NY to chat all about BELLA Magazine’s Special Wedding Issue shoot, on-location in Saint Martin, their current obsessions including the Pyramid Makeup Lip Oil, imPRESS Press-on Falsies, Ruthie Davis Shoes, and Helight Sleep, a hi-tech red light night light that will help you reach dreamland (naturally) in a flash.

Special Guest: Hae Jin Chang, Brand Director of Joah Beauty

Hae Jin joins Janene & Vanessa to talk all things K-Beauty, her role at Joah, and her favorite products to achieve ‘glass skin’. Joah believes beauty begins with healthy skin. They use efficacious, high-quality skincare ingredients to craft makeup that boosts skin health at the same time as it helps you showcase your own unique beauty. When you have a healthy base, beauty is effortless, and your makeup just enhances your natural radiance. Helping you achieve the confidence that comes from luminous skin is Joah’s mission. 



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