Home Podcast Ep. 13: Miami, Manicures & Menopause with Tamsen Fadal

Ep. 13: Miami, Manicures & Menopause with Tamsen Fadal

Renowned television journalist, author, and inspirational speaker, Tamsen Fadal joins Janene and Vanessa for a fun and inspiring convo.

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Tamsen Fadal


Janene Mascarella (EIC of Beautify.tips by KISS) + Vanessa Coppes (EIC & CEO of BELLA Magazine) gets you up to speed on the latest beauty must-haves. Vanessa shares the exciting news that BELLA Magazine has officially landed in Miami! The publication will have permanent office space and a strong presence in South Florida, so stay tuned for new about upcoming events. Vanessa also raves about her hidden gem skincare line by Dr. James Mercer, Mercer Skincare, which she is obsessed with, and says makes her skin firm, plump, and incredibly glowy!

Janene shares her latest holy grail beauty product. For Beautify.tips, she put the new Salon X-tend LED Soft Gel System by KISS Products to the test, and her nails stayed put and perfect for 2 weeks! This new LED Soft Gel System offers you the luxury of salon-quality gel extensions right in the comfort of your home. Salon X-tend nails come pre-polished, pre-sculpted, primed, and ready for application, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, the innovative Gel Adhesive ensures a smooth, bubble-free finish, capturing that perfect, flawless look every time. According to Janene, Salon X-tend is a “major mani game-changer”! She also shared her expert insight on the hottest manicure trend for 2024, BLUE NAILS. You can read all about the blue manicure trend in this article –  ‘Blue Nails Are Already 2024’s Coolest Manicure Trend’


Special Guest: Tamsen Fadal

Janene and Vanessa chat with renowned television journalist, author, and inspirational speaker, Tamsen Fadal about her exceptional life and career, which has made her an influential figure in the realm of journalism, personal branding, and empowerment.

With a magnetic personality and unrelenting drive, Tamsen has not only conquered the ever-changing media landscape but has also become a beacon of hope for those seeking to overcome obstacles and transform their aspirations into reality. In the episode, Tamsen delved into a heartening discussion about self-love, highlighting its significance in our personal and professional lives. She shared her insights on the power of career pivoting, showcasing her expertise in navigating life’s transitions with grace. Tamsen also addressed a topic often shrouded in stigma and mystery: menopause. She brilliantly reframes it as a period of empowerment and growth, shedding light on the unexpected gifts it brings. Her empowering narrative and practical advice will leave you inspired and equipped to embrace life’s changes boldly.



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