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Meet Darlene Markeson, Founder of Reveka Skincare

"I feel completely blessed to be able to bring quality products to an industry that’s severely lacking."

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Reveka Skincare:
Photo: Reveka Skincare

“We rise by lifting others.”

At Beautify.tips, we love to shine the shine the spotlight on brave entrepreneurs who weren’t afraid to build their own brand, blaze their own trail, and be their own boss. Here are their journeys…

About My Brand

Reveka Skincare is a women and veteran owned business. My husband and I launched Reveka with the mission of better health through better skincare. Our goal is to empower our customers with products that are not only free of harmful chemicals but bring healthy & healing ingredients to the skin and body. Magnesium is the cornerstone of our line. That said, we never lost sight of the fact that the products we use daily should be fun! The name Reveka is a derivative of Rebeka and describes something absolutely captivating. We want our customers to be captivated and elevated by an exhilarating spa-like experience that improves quality of life, body, and mind.

Why I Launched It

I was born and raised in New York, a competitive environment where survival of the fittest applies. It’s also an area that is rich in business, culture, and consumerism. Growing up in New York provided a comprehensive education, outside of any classroom, in marketing and what people want.  The fashion and beauty industries were everywhere, and skincare was simply a fact of life that was necessary and to be taken seriously. Later in life, I met my husband and we moved to South Carolina. It wasn’t until my mid to late 40’s that I realized my lifetime of investing in expensive skincare treatments was mostly based on lies and empty promises. I became determined to do better.  At first, my efforts were for personal use. My husband is a natural born entrepreneur.  He saw the business potential for Reveka while I was still considering it a hobby.  His family suffers from a plethora of irritating skin conditions that were being treated with steroids.  Our magnesium products enabled them to recover and eliminate harsh treatments from their lives. This discovery encouraged the necessity to bring our products public and Reveka Skincare was born.


Photo: Reveka Skincare

Early Challenges

There is certainly no shortage of challenges in launching a business! To quote Mark Cuban, “The only thing in your control is effort.  That’s all and that’s everything.”  There were more than a few days when I just wanted to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head!  Our greatest battles lie within us and being able to push past the fear and doubt. The fact is, no matter how great the effort, failure is always on the table. The statistic is that most entrepreneurs quit after only 6 months. We’ve come a long way, but the battles continue! Being able to sit back and enjoy success when you own a business is a myth. Self-motivation is required, along with the ability to embrace the hurdles and failures as opportunities to improve. 


Breakthrough Moment


Initially, the goal was to simply create products that did no harm. The realization that magnesium was a major player for overall health and well-being transformed the mission of Reveka. Finding a medical grade magnesium that remained free of environmental contaminants further defined what our company would bring to the industry. Nearly 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient. The significance of this was continually revealed through customers reveling in how our products were elevating their comfort and quality of life. The benefits of magnesium simply cannot be overstated. Topical magnesium products are the most effective method of restoring healthy levels of this precious mineral…second only to injections! The fact that our products are incredibly luxurious and fun to use is a bonus!

Most rewarding

I feel completely blessed to be able to bring quality products to an industry that’s severely lacking. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear countless stories from excited customers who have endured miserable skin conditions, or various discomforts. They tell us how our products have given them relief, comfort, and have improved their lives. 

What’s Next?

The evolution of Reveka has been an exciting one and there’s so much ahead! Reveka Skincare originated in the kitchen. We just recently began working with manufacturers to extend our reach. Doing this required us to scale back our line of products. We have an extraordinary magnesium cream that is currently only available through medical clinics. We also have an extensive line of soaps and skincare that we’re looking forward to launching soon. Additionally, we’re working with a fantastic marketing firm who are bringing our products to brick and mortar retail stores.  Like a good book, I enjoy the experience of holding a product in my hand. I’m excited to envision our soaps on shelves where the intoxicating fragrance stops people in their tracks!

How Can This Transform the World of our Day-to-Day Lives?

Generally, we shower each day. This is either an opportunity to strip our skin dry and introduce harmful chemicals to our body, or we can use it as a time to renew and regenerate. Products should feed the skin as good food feeds the body. It’s more important than ever to be an educated consumer. Don’t accept industry standards; what you put on your skin matters. Happy Pampering!

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