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Meet Liat Cohen, Founder & Designer of Tailfeather Designs

Most rewarding: “Getting feedback from our customers that is so heartfelt and beautiful about how our talismans really changed their life.”

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About Tailfeather Designs

Tailfeather Designs are talismans for the modern-day queen. In ancient cultures, most jewelry served not only as accessories to beautify but more significantly as an ornament that brought protection, luck, love, and good fortune to the wearer.

Tailfeather Designs are inspired from this tradition and aim to be more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. Each item has a story to tell and is designed to take us back to our tribal roots, while bringing out the graceful, elegant, goddess in all of us.

Our intention behind Tailfeather Designs is all these blessings be carried inside the jewelry and onto the person wearing it. In the original spirit of gift giving, this is our gift to you. 

In the Beginning…

I always loved accessories and as a kid I was always deconstructing and repurposing jewelry as a hobby. I found great pleasure in making jewelry as gifts and adornments for the people I love. In 2008, I returned home from a year of traveling and was feeling called to create jewelry using the many different materials sourced in my travels. After an inspiring conversation with a fashion icon who fell in love with the feather earrings I was wearing, I shared my vision of Tailfeather. She became a great mentor and collaborator for me as I designed and launched my first collection in 2009.

Early Challenges

Diving headfirst into the world of fashion when my background was in marketing and strategy was an interesting pivot. Learning the needs of buyers and correctly merchandising the brand to fit the aesthetic of each shops’ uniqueness was a challenge at first, but also a fun journey.  

Sourcing the sustainable materials that we use in our jewelry is the foundation of Tailfeather, so making sure this was always rooted at the heart of our mission and our scalability plan took many hours of research and interviewing our vendors. 

Biggest Risk

The biggest risk I took as a business owner is pivoting from owning a marketing and events company to developing and launching a jewelry brand. I took masterclasses and researched everything I can find to learn the business of jewelry.  This has paid off tremendously because the opportunity this brand presented itself inspired me to take the leap of faith that required a lot of trust, research and the mentorship of many experts and collaborators. It taught me to have clear vision and how to put my strategic skills to work. Tailfeather was completely self-funded so learning budgeting sourcing and marketplace trends has played a major part as well. 

Breakthrough Moment

A few months after we launched our signature feather collection at D&A (designers and agents) I was approached by Katie Mossman’s team to pull our feather earrings for a German Vogue shoot.  Katie Mossman is my favorite stylist, so I was very honored. Since then, we have been featured on celebrities, influencers, and magazines worldwide

Most Rewarding

Getting feedback from our customers that is so heartfelt and beautiful about how our talismans really changed their life. We have some serious collectors and are inspired by the feedback from our stockists and customers. Seeing celebrities wearing my jewelry doesn’t ever get old.  

What’s Next

I am working on our first Fine Jewelry collection which has been a long-time dream come true. A few pieces have been created and launched already and the feedback has been amazing.  We decided to do SS24 market after taking 6 years off of wholesale markets and are excited to show our new collection to all our buyers, old and new! 

Last year we expanded into custom repurposed jewelry where we take your old jewelry that you don’t want, share new design concepts, melt it down and reconstruct it into new creations. This process is so fun as it really allows me to get to know the customer and create a Tailfeather design that is unique to their heart. We have some exciting collaborations planned for next year too that we will be announcing in next few months. 

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