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Meet Nisha Dearborn, Founder & CEO of Fresh Chemistry

"I have always believed that women deserve better than the status quo of weak, shelf-stable skincare. With this in mind, I set out to find a way to take active skincare to a whole new level, and Fresh Chemistry® was born."

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Fresh Chemistry
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“We rise by lifting others.”

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Tell me about Fresh Chemistry! How do you describe your brand?

Fresh Chemistry takes high performance skincare to a whole new level by giving you clean, potent ingredients that you activate for the power your skin deserves.

Tell us a little about why you launched Fresh Chemistry.

I’m the daughter of a dermatologist, and I spent over a decade in the beauty industry, so I have the unique experience of having been around skincare my entire life. When my kids were younger, I really started thinking about the ingredients in my food and choosing fresh ingredients whenever possible for my family, and this is when I had my lightbulb moment – just like we demand high quality, fresh ingredients in our food, we should demand high quality, fresh ingredients in our skincare. Why? Because a little beauty industry secret is that ingredients are at their peak when they are first mixed together and activated– the sooner you can use a product after it is activated, the better it is for your skin.

Usually, a product is activated in a factory, and it can take nine months or more to get this product into your hands. During this time the ingredients break down, getting weaker and more stale, and so the product is full of preservatives just to keep it stable. Once I saw this problem I couldn’t “unsee” it. It doesn’t have to be this way!

 I have always believed that women deserve better than the status quo of weak, shelf-stable skincare. With this in mind, I set out to find a way to take active skincare to a whole new level, and Fresh Chemistry® was born. With Fresh Chemistry®, you mix in the high-performance ingredients and shake to activate the product, so it is at its peak when you’re ready to use it, which means it will be more effective on your skin. And because it’s fresh, the only preservatives used are all plant and vegetable based. You can be confident you’re getting the clean, potent, freshly activated skin care you deserve every single time.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced getting your company off the ground and how did you overcome?

The biggest challenge was starting everything from scratch. At the beginning, I had nothing but a good idea, and a lot of experience in the skincare industry. From there, I had to source ingredients, create formulas, design packaging, etc. It is a lot! How did I overcome this? I know it is cliche, but just by putting one foot in front of the other. Not letting the pressures of 5 years down the road get in my way, just making the next decision that had to be made and moving forward. The best part about having to build everything from scratch is that I got to pick the very best of everything. That includes the best version of Vitamin C, the hyaluronic acid with the right molecular weight so it absorbs into the outer layers of your skin, the dark glass vials to protect the ingredients and the testing on real human skin to make sure it was safe for all skin types. It was so satisfying to create something that you know can make a difference in women’s skin, it was all worth it.

What was your big breakthrough moment?

I’d say it was being discovered at a trade show by QVC, becoming a runner up for one of their “next big thing in beauty” awards and being invited to come on the show to sell Fresh Chemistry live on air! It was an amazing experience that gave Fresh Chemistry a lot of exposure and legitimacy.

What is the most rewarding for you?

It is definitely when women tell me that they’ve tried so many products that didn’t work, until they found the Glow Getter Brightening Serum. I consistently hear that after using Fresh Chemistry, people start getting compliments on their skin, and they tell me it truly is different than anything else out there, which is incredibly rewarding to hear! It is funny because I hear women bonding over that feeling when you forget to pack the Glow Getter on a trip, or when you’re running out and need to order a new one– the panic is real! It is truly rewarding to see how much women love it.

Anything new and exciting on the horizon?

Yes! We are now available on Amazon, so it is easy to add it to your cart when you’re shopping for other items. We also are launching a new serum later this year that will address fine lines and wrinkles like our sold out Wrinkle Release Peptide Serum, but this one will have new, more effective active ingredients and it will be vegan. 

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