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Breakout Actress Sasha Neboga on Working With Al Pacino, Transitioning From Modeling to Acting and the Beauty Products She Can’t Live Without

"I know my angles, marks, and how to work in front of the camera. The biggest challenge from the transition is having to find my voice and ground myself within it."

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Sasha Neboga
Photo courtesy of Sasha Neboga

Breakout actress Sasha Neboga lit up the big screen across the US last month with the theatrical release of her film KNOX GOES AWAY. Originally premiering at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, KNOX GOES AWAY stars Michael Keaton (who also directed film), Marcia Gay Harden, Al Pacino, James Marsden, Joanna Kuli, and Ray McKinnon to name a few.

Born in the Ukraine, from a young age Sasha was encouraged to pursue the arts and threw herself into dance. After moving to the United States when Sasha was a child, she and her family began to pursue the “American Dream.” As Sasha continued to grow and excel in her passion for the arts, she was accepted into the School of American Ballet (SAB). After graduating from college, she moved to Greece where she was scouted as a model and began her career. After many shoots with brands including Gucci, Versace, Maxmara, and Alexander McQueen, to name a few, Sasha decided to move back to the US to pursue her acting career.

We caught up with the talented model, turned actress to discuss her role in the film, acting opposite of Al Pacino as his wife, how she successfully transitioned from modeling to acting, and of course, some of her top beauty must-haves.

Transitioning from Modeling to Acting: You’ve had a successful modeling career before stepping into the world of acting. What inspired you to make this transition, and how has your modeling background influenced your approach to acting?


Thank you! My agent at Elite Model Management was actually a driving factor behind the transition. I’m definitely on the shorter end when it comes to the industry height standard so maybe that helped his motivation – we’d have to ask him! Either way, he saw something in me and really pushed me to take it seriously. I’ve had several other people I’ve met along the way that when I wanted to throw the towel in, they told me to keep going, and I’m thankful for having them in my life. I think the positive side of a modeling background is I’ve been on so many sets that I’m not overwhelmed by a bigger film production.


I know my angles, marks, and how to work in front of the camera. The biggest challenge from the transition is having to find my voice and ground myself within it. You’re going from your outward physical features being the focal point to now having to tap into the internal emotional state and having that be on display instead. It’s an interesting switch.


Role in “Knox Goes Away”: In your latest film “Knox Goes Away,” you play the role of Al Pacino’s wife. Can you share some insights into your character and what it was like working alongside such an iconic actor?


Absolutely – Ludmilla is a strong yet tender Ukrainian immigrant. What made me gravitate to her was her sense of humor and loving command over her surroundings and husband. It felt to be a very authentic portrayal of the women in my family. Mr. Pacino was absolutely lovely. It was an honor to be alongside him and getting to watch him perform. He greeted me with a bow the day we first met and was just very down-to-earth and kind throughout shooting.


One of my favorite experiences was watching him working on trying different variations for our bathtub scene together. There was just so much ease, comfort, and versatility in him collaborating with everyone for this shot. Watching it unfold was one of my favorite moments.

Beauty Regimen: As someone who has been in both the modeling and acting industries, how do you maintain your skin and overall beauty regimen amidst the hectic schedules and makeup demands of your profession? Any product faves to tell us about?

Clean beauty is a must for me when it comes to skincare. I love Credo Beauty and currently use Herbivore’s Pink Cloud Facewash along with MARA Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil. I usually try and let my skin breathe as much as I can, so I just like to use Suntegrity Tinted Moisturizer – the SPF and tint help give me enough minimal coverage and protection throughout the day. If I’m feeling fancier, Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipliner and a bit of Givenchy L’Interdit mascara and I’m set for the day!

Memorable Moments: Throughout your career, you’ve appeared in popular TV shows like “Chicago Fire,” “New Girl,” and “Blue Bloods.” Can you share a memorable moment or a challenging experience from your time on these sets?

Of course! I really loved working on Chicago Fire – I remember reading the sides for the audition the first time and knowing I deeply wanted to play the part of Sidney. She was witty, sweet and larger than life, and I was so grateful to end up booking it. The cast and crew were like a large family at this point having already shot so many seasons together. Everyone went out of their way to introduce themselves and greet me which, as a newcomer on the show, really means a lot. I never knew how beautiful the architecture in Chicago was!

I think the biggest challenge was shooting outside in December and January – the winter months are not a joke. I believe I had 10-12 hand-warmers inside my clothes and shoes at all times. I thought New York winters could be harsh, but I now stand corrected.

Future Aspirations: With your rising fame in the acting world, what are your aspirations for the future? Are there any specific roles or genres you’re eager to explore?

I’m not a person that’s comfortable with waiting or having down time overall. I’m currently studying pre-law and doing photography. Role wise, I think I’d really love to tap into the action and fantasy genres. Action primarily because I love having and infusing a physical component into a role. Fantasy because I, admittedly, grew up reading hundreds of fiction books and it would be a childhood dream to have that come to life.

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