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Solar Eclipse Manis: The Celestial Event Inspiring the Hottest Nail Trends

Get ready to be star-struck with ready-to-wear nails that will steal the spotlight.

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solar eclipse

THIS IS HAPPENING! Get ready to be star-struck, beauty aficionados! A spectacular solar eclipse is on the horizon, and it’s not just the sky that’s getting a dramatic makeover. This celestial phenomenon is inspiring a cosmic trend in the world of nail fashion. So, whether you’re an astro-enthusiast or a style-savvy trendsetter, it’s time to align your manicure with the stars. Let’s dive into the astronomical allure of this upcoming event and how it’s shaping the hottest eclipse-inspired designs from KISS and imPRESS!

The Celestial Phenomenon: Understanding the Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is a celestial ballet, where the moon pirouettes between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow that momentarily dims the day. This awe-inspiring event occurs when the moon’s orbit aligns perfectly with the Earth and the sun, creating a temporary twilight during the day.

The Path of Totality: A Spectacular Sight

The path of totality is where the magic happens. It’s the narrow strip on Earth’s surface where the sun is completely obscured by the moon, turning day into night for a brief, enchanting moment. Observers in this path experience the full glory of the eclipse, witnessing the sun’s corona shimmering in the darkened sky.

Safety First: Protect Your Eyes

Remember, while eclipses are mesmerizing, it’s crucial to protect your eyes. Never look directly at the sun without proper eclipse glasses or viewers. Safety is key to enjoying this celestial spectacle without risking eye damage.

Embrace the Cosmic Trend

Whether you prefer sleek and simple or bold and embellished, these brands offer the perfect designs to complement your eclipse-inspired look. As the eclipse transforms the sky, let it inspire your style with these chic nail designs. Check them out below. (No special solar eclipse glasses required!)


1- Midnight Magic

Embrace the darkness of the eclipse with glossy black nails that exude mystery and elegance.  Try imPRESS Design Spring  ‘Endless Love’ ($9.49)  or Voguish Fantasy  ‘Hush Rush’ ($8.99)

solar eclipse

solar eclipse

2 – Lunar Glow

Capture the ethereal beauty of the moon with shimmering white nails that radiate a celestial glow. You’ll get best lunar glow by wearing colorFX by imPRESS  in ‘Rebel’ ($10.99)

solar eclipse

3 – Celestial Contrast

Combine black and white in a striking design that mirrors the dramatic interplay of light and shadow during the eclipse. I love KISS SALON DESIGN ‘Nailed It’ ($8.99) and KISS Voguish Fantasy French Designs in ‘Magnifique’ ($8.99) for the solar eclipse look.

solar eclipse

solar eclipse

4- Starry Sky

 Add a touch of sparkle with glitter or rhinestones, evoking the stars that peek out during the eclipse’s peak. You can go wrong with KISS Nail Drip  ‘Drip Too Hard’ ($14.99)

solar eclipse

5. A Celestial Celebration

The upcoming solar eclipse is more than just an astronomical event; it’s a source of inspiration for beauty enthusiasts looking to add a touch of the cosmos to their style. As you prepare to witness this celestial spectacle, let your nails reflect the beauty and mystery of the universe with these trendy solar eclipse-inspired designs from KISS and imPRESS. Get ready to eclipse your style and shine like the stars! Two more manis to feast your eyes on: SALON ACRYLIC FRENCH COLOR ‘Flame’ ($8.99) and IMPRESS DESIGN ‘For the Night’ ($9.49) 

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