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KISS Lashes Won the Red Carpet at the 2024 Emmy Awards

Lashing out on TV’s biggest night.

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Photos of actresses Suki Waterhouse and Natasha Lyonne next to KISS false lash packs
Photo credit: @missjobaker/IG and @benjaminpuckey/IG

As the stars dazzled at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards, two Hollywood stars lit up Los Angeles with their eye-catching looks. Suki Waterhouse and Natasha Lyonne stepped onto the red carpet with a beauty secret that had everyone talking: KISS lashes. These lashes weren’t just accessories; they were statements of elegance and boldness, elevating the glam factor of the evening.

Suki Waterhouse, radiant as ever in red, captured the essence of  carefree glamour with her fluttery, voluminous lashes that added a touch of drama to her ethereal look. Her eyes sparkled under the Los Angeles skyline, embodying a blend of classic beauty and contemporary chic.

Natasha Lyonne’s brought a bold and edgy 60’s glam vibe to the red carpet. Her lashes were all about making a statement — long, lush, and unapologetically bold, perfectly complementing her unique and charismatic persona.

But the night was more than just a showcase of stunning looks. It was a masterclass in beauty. Ahead, we scored the secrets –and the exact lashes– celebrity makeup artists used to create their captivating looks.  


Suki Waterhouse

Daisy Jones & the Six star Suki Waterhouse arrived at the Emmy Awards red carpet wearing KISS Lashes, creating a seamlessly stunning look complimenting her radiant red dress and pregnancy glow. Daisy Jones & the Six received one Emmy nomination for Outstanding Limited/Anthology Series

Celebrity Makeup artist, Benjamin Puckey created a glamorous look while still maintaining Suki’s effortless charm and rock & roll edge using the NEW KISS The New Natural Lashes in Pearl Earring for a feathery effect with a lifted, cat-like eye. 



To achieve Suki Waterhouse’s look, Benjamin brushed the nourishing, biotin-infused Lash Couture Super Strong Strip Lash Adhesive onto the lash band of The New Natural Lash, waiting 30 seconds before placing it onto the natural lash line. After the lash was in place, he applied a thin coat of mascara to blend the strip lash in with the natural lash.

A package of The New Natural false lashes by KISS, multipack in Pearl Earring
Packaging for KISS Lash Couture strip lash adhesive with biotin and blueberry extract infused formula

Natasha Lyonne

Actress and Poker Face star, Natasha Lyonne, walked the Emmy Awards red carpet and presented during the show wearing KISS Lashes, complimenting her metallic Schiaparelli figure hugging gown. Lyonne received one Emmy nomination at this year’s ceremony for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on the show (which received three additional nominations).

Celebrity Makeup artist, Jo Baker created a futuristic metallic, bombshell eye look with full fluttery lashes on Natasha Lyonne using the KISS Lash Couture Luxtensions Lash Extensions Kit. The 3D faux lash extensions are individually applied in lash clusters in a variety of curl shapes and lengths with semi-permanent adhesive for a salon-quality look that can last up to two weeks. 



Baker enhanced Natasha’s lash line with clusters from the Lash Couture Luxtensions Extensions Kit to create a glamorous, yet dramatic look. She placed the medium length clusters throughout, adding the small length clusters at the edges for added drama. Baker noted, “I love how these individual clusters lay flat and close to the root of the lash line for easy application and a natural look.” 

Packaging for KISS Lash Couture faux lash extensions kit including trays of lashes, adhesive, and an applicator tool.
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