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KISS Nails & Lashes on Display at Met Gala 2023

The stars serving iconic looks on the Met steps.

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Met gala 2023
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The Met Gala, one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry, is known for bringing together the biggest names in entertainment, fashion, and beauty, and this year, the event paid homage to the late, great Karl Lagerfeld. As always, Met Gala did not disappoint when it came to showcasing stunning, iconic looks that left the world in awe.

From bold and dramatic to understated and elegant, the celebrities on the red carpet (this year it was striped!) did not hold back in their choices of nails and lashes. From ‘Old Hollywood Glam’ to the ‘Rockstar Girlfriend’ aesthetic, the stars lit up the Met steps, thanks to a super talented team of celebrity makeup artists, hair experts, and nail stylists.

KISS Products once again ruled the red carpet with ultra-chic nail and lash looks. Get ready to be inspired and step up your next beauty look.

2023 Met Gala’s most iconic nail and lash looks

Lisa Aharon x Rachel Brosnahan

Celebrity Makeup Artist: Lisa Aharon 

To complete Rachel’s sultry, 90s inspired look, Lisa used the KISS Lash Couture The Muses Collection in “Supreme”  ($7.99)  with the KISS Strip Lash Adhesive in Clear ($4.99)

To help accentuate the dark eye look, I used KISS Lash Couture The Muses Collection in Supreme because I wanted Rachel’s lashes to feel elegant and effortless against the more intense eyeshadow. The Muses Style Supreme worked flawlessly with a soft layered pattern to complement the look.” – Lisa Aharon

Ivan Nunez x Ashley Graham

Celebrity Makeup Artist: Ivan Nunez

To achieve Ashley’s dramatic lash look, Ivan used the KISS Lash Couture The Muses Collection in “Noblesse” ($7.99) with the KISS Strip Lash Adhesive in Clear ($4.99)

“I wanted to give Ashley a classic lash, heavily inspired by the 90’s iconic models like Linda Yasmeen, and Claudia, they always looked like they had on wispy, fluttry and sexy lashes” – Ivan Nunez

Inspired by the popular Royalcore aesthetic, The Muses Collection has a corset woven pattern, capturing the elegance and grace of the classic times.

The “Supreme” style has lightweight delicate fibers for a soft subtle effect. The “Noblesse” style has tapered ends and wispy finish.



Yoko Sakaura x Olivia Rodrigo

Celebrity Nail Artist: Yoko Sakakura

For Olivia’s nails, Yoko used KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in “Aim High” ($7.99) which provides a ready-to-wear gel look and shine. “To coordinate with her Thom Browne black and white dress, we chose her signature nail color-black,” explained Yoko!

  1. Started by filing pushing back cuticle, and cleaning nail beds with alcohol prep pad .
  2. Measured and matched her natural nails with “KISS gel FANTASY Aim High” to cover her nails from side to side.
  3. Applied small amount of glue in the middle of her natural nails. (Glue is included in a box)
  4. Placed pre-measured KISS nails close to the cuticle and applied gentle pressure for 10 seconds for secure hold.
  5. Filed to shorten to her preferred length and softened shapes by rounding the corner

Emi Kudo x Karli Kloss

Celebrity Nail Artist: Emi Kudo

For Karli’s look Emi used KISS Classy Nails in “Dashing” (8.99) an elevated, timeless French manicure in a trendy oval shape. See below for the breakdown of the look from Emi:

  1. I shaped her nails, trimmed her cuticles, and buffed her nails with the KISS “Before and After” prep kit.
  2. I sized KISS Classy Nails to fit Karli’s natural nails
  3. I applied the pink nail glue to her natural nail and the artificial nail and pressed down for a few seconds to secure hold. .
  4. I filed the nails into almond shape for the final look

Jo Baker X Vanessa Kirby

Celebrity Makeup Artist: Jo Baker

To complete Vanessa’s  polished and timeless eye look. Jo Baker used the KISS Falscara Starter Kit ($19.99) with the Lengthening Wisps ($4.99). Vanessa wore a classic Karl Lagerfeld dress to the Met Gala this year, and we really wanted to make sure her makeup looked polished and timeless, just like the classic Karl era dress she was wearing, “says Jo. “The Falscara Lengthening Wisps was exactly what was needed to enhance Vanessa eye makeup. It enhanced and accentuated her eye and added the perfect feminine length to her eye shape. It was elegant, soft and seamless.

Jo added the Falscara Lengthening Wisps to the edge of Vanessa’s eye to really get that elongated look.

Falscara lashes are tiny wisps of featherlight false lashes that go under your natural lashes, so results look as natural as lash extensions. Go subtle or super glam–WISPS are buildable & customizable.

How to Apply Falscara:

  • Step 1: Brush a light coat of BOND on natural lashes.
  • Step 2: Use the included APPLICATOR to pluck a WISP from the tray. As shown, pick up a WISP from the middle-outer end for optimal control. One by one, gently place the WISPS underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline. Apply wisps starting from the outer corner of lash line, working inwards (or vice versa). Place WISPS right next to each other for a seamless look.
  • Step 3: Dab a thin coat of SEAL under WISPS to eliminate any sticky residue and hold WISPS in place. Pro tips: If needed, after applying SEAL under WISPS, use the APPLICATOR or your fingers to squeeze the WISPS against your natural lashes; this helps the WISPS adhere for a more secure hold.
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