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Meet Floriana Abramovich, Founder of Cede Botanic

"Once we started getting the outpouring of love, we knew we created something special."

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“We rise by lifting others.”

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#BeautifyBoss: Floriana Abramovich, Founder of Cede Botanic
My Brand’s Mission

To encourage a healthy love for your skin. We marry timeless and revolutionary healing ingredients with just the right amount of actives, to promote balance, calm, and a healthy skin barrier. 

How Cede Botanic Began

The idea for Cede Botanic was born when I began a journey to heal my inflamed and irritated skin. In my 20’s, I began experiencing cystic acne, redness, inflammation and relied on acne-targeted ingredients to help. After years of experimenting with different solutions, my skin was on a downward spiral causing pigmentation, painful breakouts and a damaged skin barrier. It got so bad, I almost went on a strong drug to see if it would help…but I found out just a few days later that I was pregnant…so I had to turn to something else. 

After having my daughters, I realized that my acne was a result of internal stressors, hormone disruptors and a result of harsh stripping ingredients that promoted irritation. The acne fighting treatments were doing the opposite for my skin…instead of healing, it was doing more damage. So, over the years that followed, I switched over to topicals that required a bit of patience and dedication. Reducing the amount of actives and fast acting products. I began my journey to heal my skin.

When experimenting with different brands and formulations, I began to point out how much I wished one product had something specific over another. A particular texture was present in another. An ingredient I preferred was present in one formula bit not the other. I found myself on a quest in learning about raw ingredients that were providing my skin relief. 

My Brand Journey

Around 2017, I began to order ingredients like Cupuacu butter, Aloe, adaptogens, Hemp, Turmeric. Seeing, playing, smelling these incredible ingredients in their raw and natural state excited me. It ignited a passion I didn’t know existed. I began to create little jars of magic that I gave to my family. Until one day, my husband turned to me and said, “we have to share your passion with others, you can’t keep this to yourself” and so, uncompromising on quality, partnering with the right chemists that shares similar mindsets, values in sourcing and innovation…my journey to create Cede Botanic began.

My Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge was finding the right partner to bring my formulas to life. My husband and I searched, began research and development, tested formulas, until we finally find the right person and place that understood our needs, felt our passion and wanted to create the same thing. Formulas that were beautifully crafted and effective and most importantly…had very low risk of irritation. This whole process to find the right partner took us 4 years. And I didn’t give up, or compromise on my formulas until I knew they were perfect.

My Risk & Reward

The biggest risk was starting my own business. Starting Cede Botanic. I have a full-time career that I am still navigating today. Starting Cede while working and nurturing my three daughters, was no easy task. My husband and I put so much into it and yes, we had doubts and times when we thought we should just stop. But we kept pushing until the formulas were undeniably amazing.

It took us two years to get lift to the place we wanted. For the formula to melt perfectly, for it to stay solid, for the aroma to carry you into a moment of calm. Protect took one year and one year to fully test to make sure we were getting the results we wanted. All of it was a risk…but I’m glad we took it and launched our brand because I’m so incredibly proud of it.

My Breakthrough Moment

Hearing feedback from our customers. Once we started getting the outpouring of love, we knew we created something special. One particular customer was using dermatologist prescribed products, and his wife was using Cede. One day, he decided to try Protect and Lift and he loved them. After a couple of weeks, he completely switched from his prescription products to us because it helped his sensitive skin find balance and calm. When I heard this story, my heart melted. 

What’s Next?

I’ve been working on two new formulations for the last six  months. They’re going to help further feed your skin with calming and repairing ingredients and will provide the perfect complement to the existing two products. I’m so excited to see my brand grow and continue to help people achieve healthy and happy skin.

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