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Pro Surfer Tia Blanco Shares Her Favorite Ways to Beautify

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Tia Blanco
Photo: Aaron Nakamura

As the winner of the first season of ABC’s “The Ultimate Surfer, Tia Blanco certainly knows how to make a splash. Winning the competition gained Blanco a chance to compete on the elite World Surf League Championship Tour, and she is currently ranked as #22 in the world. One of the most talked about athletes in women’s surfing, the Puerto Rican-born Filipino-American professional surfer embodies power and grace, as she continues to make waves in all new ways. And whoa, we’re pretty much OBSESSED!

JOLYN, the swimwear and apparel brand built to give women the confidence to take on any sport or adventure, recently announced JOLYN x Tiarah: Yoga Essentials by Tia Blanco, a capsule of yoga essentials that mark Blanco’s design debut. The JOLYN Surf ambassador avidly practices yoga and has curated a collection of 10 essential items for the ideal yoga capsule wardrobe.

The apparel collection includes three sports bras ranging in coverage and details (such as crisscross and caged back), two yoga pants (one skinny, one flared), a pair of biker shorts, a long sleeve cropped top, and athleisure suits in cropped and oversized styles. 

The collection mixes functional silhouettes with feminine colors and details meant to showcase the strong feminine energy that Blanco embodies in her active lifestyle from yoga to surfing. Each item was carefully designed to feel strong and confident without sacrificing style.

“I wanted to create a collection of yoga essentials that truly celebrated the female form and its power,” said Blanco. “Throughout the collection, you’ll see feminine details paired with the long-lasting durability JOLYN is known for. My hope is for you to wear this collection and feel confident in your own skin and your body’s incredible ability,” she continued.

Your new athletic collection looks fantastic! How did the collab come about and how involved were you with its creation?

Thank you! I have always been interested in and loved fashion, and when I got the opportunity to design my own athletic collection with JOYLN I was ecstatic! I was very hands-on throughout the whole process, so I am very proud of the whole collection. Every little detail had an intention, and it was exciting to see the entire line come to life.

As a professional surfer, your skin is always exposed to the elements, but you always maintain such a radiant glow. What are some of your skin care secrets?

I have very dry/sensitive skin, so I am very adamant about my skin care regimen. I moisturize my face twice a day and always take off sunscreen or make up as soon as possible. I usually go to bed looking very dewy with my favorite skincare products loaded on. My go-to products are from Dear Self Skincare, which are sustainably made, vegan and cruelty-free.

You have the most gorgeous hair. What are some of your favorite products?

Thank you so much! I use anti-frizz serum in my hair religiously and I brush my hair very gently with care. I also like to do hair oil treatments once a week. I love 2chic hair serums and I have been buying them for years.

Are there any beauty trends you’re into right now?

This isn’t a new trend, but I have gotten really into coconut oil pulling for dental health and it has been overall amazing. 

What’s your go-to nail look?

Right now, I have been really into natural nails. I think the best nails are the ones that look untouched and healthy!

What’s your favorite fragrance right now?

 I love the way patchouli essential oil smells on the skin!

What’s the best beauty advice you were ever given and who gave it to you?

The best advice I was ever given was, “the joy is in the journey” and my mom shared that with me.

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