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Blue Eyeshadow Is Winter’s Cool-Girl Shade

Bring on the blue hues with a blast from the past.

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Y2K is all the rage across social media right now and with it the blue eyeshadows across the world were dusted off for another hoorah. We all remember the hold the metallic blue popstar eye makeup look had on us back at the turn of the millenia. 

The cool girls were all doing it, so we all had to. We’re thinking Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child and Cameron Diaz…just to name a few. Lately this gorgeous aqua look has been spotted on the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion, Kendall Jenner, Doja Cat and the list goes on. You get the idea… The blue is COOL again. (Pun intended.) 

If you are trying to achieve this trendy, shimmery blue, nostalgic look we got exactly what you need. 


To nail the eyeshadow part of the look you will need only one product, JOAH Beauty’s  Flamingo Garden Eyeshadow & Cheek Palette. First, apply the aqua shade “Lagoon” all over the eyelid. We recommend using your fingers to really pack on the pigment. Top it all off with a shimmery shade “Wonderland”. 

To tie the eye look together make sure to create a perfect wing with LINE UP Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner (“Blackest Black”) and Lash UPrising Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara (“Blackest Black”).


The finishing touches. Now, we can’t forget about a little blush, can we? You’re in luck because JOAH’s Flamingo Garden Eyeshadow & Cheek Palette features two weightless, buildable blush shades that are universally flattering and one light-reflecting highlighter with a subtle pink shimmer. We recommend adding a bit of blush flush to your cheeks with the “Paradise” blush shade from the palette. Finally, add a bit of glow with “Water Lily” highlighter from the same palette and swipe on a layer of Glassify High Shine Lip Gloss in “Ice Queen” for that Lizzie McGuire perfect pout.

That’s it! You are all ready for the spotlight. 3,2,1…cue the music and the gasps!


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