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‘Latte Makeup’ is TikTok’s Latest Craze—Here’s How to Recreate It

Step aside #Barbiecore. Something steamy is stirring....

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Latte Makeup
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It’s bronzy, it’s glowy, it’s the look that’s all over your ‘For You’ feed. I’m talking about none other than the latte makeup look.

If you’re not familiar with the look that’s all over TikTok and Instagram or are not sure how to get the look on your own, sit down and hold onto your makeup brushes as we dive into the ins and outs of this look. 

The Latte Makeup Look

The coin was termed by content creator Rachel Rigler who referenced a look created in 2018 by makeup artist Tanielle Jai. “Latte makeup” refers to the tones of makeup, a mixture of tan and bronzey brown tones, resembling the warm brown hue of a freshly made cup of coffee. 

Here are the key elements that make up this summer-ready beauty look:
  • This makeup look prioritizes makeup products, be it a lip product or an eyeshadow selection that has caramel, yellow, and olive undertones. Do your best to stay away from products with red and orangey tones or you will end up looking more sun-flushed, and potentially sunburnt depending on how pale you are.                        
  • A clean, swept-up eyebrow that is minimally filled in, if necessary, with a light stroke of an eyebrow pencil or a bit of matching powder. Afterwards, go in with a clear brow gel or wax or brow soap to make sure your brows stay in place, especially during a day out on the beach or a night out at the club. 
  • For the skin, the goal is to have the skin looking as natural as possible, unlike a douyin beauty look where the goal is to have a flawless, doll-like appearance. Go in with an ultra-hydrating moisturizer and primer to have the skin looking as dewy as possible before you layer the face products. For skin, MUA Tiffany Brown Rideaux explain, “I apply an SPF-infused primer, like the Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 from Supergoop!, before I start my “Latte Look”. Then I recommend using 3 to 4 complexion products that are closest to your skin color for a natural and subtle effect. You can use a combination of concealers, foundation, and powder to achieve this [latte makeup]. I personally use two concealers, one that matches my skin color and one that is slightly lighter. I also use a foundation that is just a touch lighter than my complexion and a pressed powder that is somewhat darker.”
  • For the complexion, go in with a skin tint-style foundation or a tinted moisturizer to give your skin a bit of dew while evening out the complexion. Then go in with a concealer and color corrector to even out any unwanted discoloration like acne marks or dark under-eye circles. Then lightly set with a powder and a dewy setting mist. 
  • For eyeshadow, you can play around with a mix of cool-toned and warm-toned brown, and tan-colored shadows and blend out into an ultra-defused smokey eye. For the more dramatic beauty lover, you can add an extra hint of drama by tightening with a brown, not black, eyeliner. 
  • For the lips, you can go with a few options. You can go in with an ultra glossy, clear lip gloss or balm product for an au natural appearance. A second option is to go in with a cream bronzer-style product with a tightly packed eyeshadow brush, lightly overline your lips, and fill in with a nude-brown tone in the middle of the lip. An additional option Tiffany suggests to go with is “a cappuccino-colored lipstick with a bit of gloss to add fullness and shine.”
  • One of the key factors to note about the latte makeup look is the absence of blush. Unless you have a very cool-toned, brown-ish blush, it’s best to simply go in with a bronzer, in a slightly lighter shade than you regularly use or sweep very gently, over the cheeks in lieu of a traditional blush product. 
  • If you are (like myself) on the very pale side of the spectrum, don’t forget to blend your foundation down your neck or use a bit of bronzer 
Why You Need to Try The Latte Makeup Look

One of the main reasons everyone, and I do mean everyone, should try out the latte makeup look. It literally works on every skin tone. Obviously, you would need to tailor the products you use for your skin color and undertone, but a warm, sun-kissed glow to the skin is flattering on every complexion. 

Another major reason to try out this look is that it’s fairly low-maintenance, especially if you already consider your typical makeup style is on the more neutral side. You can double up on products, like a bronzer, to bronze up your skin, warm eye makeup, and a light dusting over the cheeks. 

So go out and enjoy these next few months of sunshine with the beach babe-friendly vibe of the latte makeup look. 


On top of her work as an MUA, Tiffany Brown Rideaux is an award-winning producer and director with over 15 years of experience as a showrunner, content creator, producer, and editor.

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