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TikTok Has Declared ‘Digital Lavender’ Nails as the New Neutral

The chic shade is perfect for your mid-summer minimalist era.

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Ready for the latest celebrity mani update? Sofia Richie Grainge reintroduced this popular nail trend to her 3 million followers, and now we all can’t look away. Recently, she shared a TikTok video displaying her latest manicure, a departure from her usual “supermodel” color to a more daring choice: “digital lavender” nails. Her fingers were adorned with a gentle, light purple hue, achieved by first filing her natural nails into a short, square shape and tidying up the cuticles to create a flawless canvas for the color.

Sophia has officially stirred up a whole new interest in this once-popular color and it’s now mid-summer’s new “it” mani. The comments continue to pour in and  TikTokers are crushing on her nail color:

In fact, right now on TikTok, digital lavender has amassed some 58.9M views…

What is ‘Digital Lavender’?

This trend gained popularity in early 2023 when it was designated the “color of the year” by WSGN, a trend forecasting website. The light shade of violet expresses two sets of emotions and brings them into harmony with each other: cheerfulness and calmness.


Since then, digital lavender has emerged as a new neutral shade, appealing to minimalists seeking to explore different options. The versatility of the ‘it’ mani shade allows it to be dressed up or dressed down, whatever vibe you are feeling.

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