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The Best Hair Products to Create Beach Waves

You don't have to be salty and sun-kissed to score summer's sexiest hair look.

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Beach waves are one of our go-to hair looks for the summer. They take little time to prep, work well with heat and humidity, and encourage us to make our hair as un-perfect as possible. They are also incredibly sexy and embody the light-hearted, effortless vibe of summer. We got the inside scoop from Hair and Makeup Artist Natalie Mangano on a few of the best ways to create Gisele Bundchen-inspired beach waves.

Ease To Please

Create beach waves in under a minute using your fingers and Bumble & bumble’s Surf Spray $32. This iconic spray is saltwater-based, like a lot of other surf sprays on the market. “Salt works to bring out the natural waves and texture of the hair,” explains Mangano. She suggests letting your hair dry then spritzing the surf spray generously all over the hair. Give it a minute to absorb, then start twisting random strands of hair into waves. The beachier, the better.  

Tool of the Trade

A curling iron is your beach wave BFF. Natalie Mangano, tells her regulars who love their beach wave blowouts to have the KISS Instawave Automatic Hair Curler $49.99 on hand or in their suitcase when they can’t get to the salon. “It is so easy to use because the curler literally does all the work and there is really a small learning curve,” she explains. She recommends either blowing your hair first then curling, or letting it air dry and then curling it. “Make sure to use a good leave-in conditioner or heat protectant before you blow dry/curl and never use this on wet hair.” After curling the hair, “Let it rest a few minutes, then spray a texturizing spray all over your hair. Put a comb through the curls and shake your hair with your hands. The result will be sexy, undone-done, beach hair.” Mangano swears by Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray $49 .

First Braid  

Braiding wet hair is another low-maintenance way to achieve beach waves. Mangano recommends washing your hair and letting it dry to damp, but not completely all the way. Comb the hair then spray a sea spray like Verb Sea Spray $20 liberally onto the hair. Section the hair into two parts and French braid both sides. Feel free to sleep with a shower cap to avoid causing frizz or undoing the braids. In the morning, undo the braids, flip your head over and shake out your hair. Hit it with texturizing spray and use your hands to make waves.  

Get Salty

If you’re in the mood for a little DIY, saltwater sprays are incredibly easy to make at home. Get a spray bottle, put some salt water and the oil of your choice (coconut, avocado, etc.) in the bottle, shake it up and spritz on your hair. Voila! Beach waves for days. 


Natalie Mangano is a Long Island-based freelance hair stylist, colorist, and makeup artist. She specializes in private clients, weddings and special events. @Nataliegarone


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