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Meet Jewelry and Accessories Designer Lele Sadoughi

The headband queen talks starting out, balancing it all and what she's loving for fall.

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Photo: Lele Sadoughi

“We rise by lifting others.”

At Beautify.tips, we love to shine the spotlight on entrepreneurs who weren’t afraid to build their own brand, blaze their own trail, and be their own boss. Here are their journeys…


Beginning of a Brand

I started as a fashion jewelry brand over a decade ago, and we have now expanded into over 15 different accessory categories including headbands, hats, sunglasses, and handbags. We also have 5 exclusive boutiques and the line is carried in over 150 stores both here and abroad as well as online. 

Lele’s Learning Curve
Before I launched my own line, I was fortunate to design for such iconic brands like J.Crew and Tory Burch. This was so beneficial because I was able to learn about the workings of all facets of a business. This gave me priceless experience when I was building marketing, planning, sales, and operations teams. My biggest challenge has been learning to wear so many hats beyond strictly designing the line.


Growth Spurt

The brand has grown by leaps and bounds and I attribute this to staying true to who we are. When you are true to your brand DNA, expansion into other categories is a natural next step. We are a colorful, joyful, and maximal brand. We have been able to use this ethos to expand to new categories and keep the design element consistent. Our customers know what they want and we want to give it to them in all forms.

Reward System
I find what I do incredibly fun and incredibly rewarding!!! There is something so amazing about being able to see our ladies of Lele walk into our stores and pick out a look or a piece that brings a smile to their faces. Accessories are so emotional and personal as they are what puts a unique spin on an outfit.  

Some Fashionable Advice

For those who want to start a brand or want to quit their current job and follow their passion I think that it is really important to get all the experience you can to learn the trade, and then muster up the confidence to start. Just know that you will never be perfectly ready or there is no exact right time. Life constantly presents us with obstacles, so you just need to take the leap and start. I started Lele Sadoughi and then had 2 children during the first 2 years we were in business. Just continue to work hard and don’t lose sight of your passion. The rest will figure itself out.

What I’m Loving…
Right now, I am all about a matching moment. The Crystal Dolly Sunglasses $305 and Crystal Pave Doorknocker Earrings $340 with our padded Crystal Alice Headband $253 is a show stopping look I’m excited to wear this season. I am also obsessed with our fall color palette and all of the new textures we used. 

Lele Sadoughi Alice Headband and Dolly Sunglasses
Photo: Lele Sadoughi
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