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KISS Colors & Care Added Two New Scents to Their Edge Fixer Collection – And We’re Obsessed!

Bring a spoon - they are almost good enough to eat!

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We are LOVING the bandwidth and attention being paid to all of the textured hair care brands on the market these days. There are so many feeds dedicated to the natural hair look and the products used to create these styles.  KISS Colors & Care  has an ah-may-zing lineup of products, tools and accessories for textured hair. They have a fun personality and their Social game is on point. Edge Fixer ($8.99) is KISS Colors & Care best-selling product. It has developed a cult following among influencers and beauty editors. In fact, it was a winner in the Allure 2022 Best of Beauty Awards! Now that’s credibility…

This season KISS Colors & Care added two new scents- Orange Blossom and Coconut- to their already irresistible line-up. OMG. I can’t really put into words how good these new scents are.  Orange Blossom is a subtle clean floral with hints of citrus and Coconut smells like a beach  vacation.  You will definitely be tempted to grab a spoon and dig in. PLS DON’T (#rememberthetidepodchallenge). Edge Fixer’s packaging is also next level. Its jar is shiny and sleek and colorful. It’s the kind of product you want to have out on your dresser and not locked away in your medicine cabinet. 

Edge Fixer really is a total game-changer. It is a maximum hold gel-like pomade that is thick but easy to manipulate. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue or give you the dreaded  “crunch effect.” It is totally a one-product wonder and there are so many ways to use it in your styling routine. Check out the five ways we love to use Edge Fixer.

All About The Edges

Edge Fixer was designed to smooth down and hold the edges of your hair in place. It is magic for accentuating baby hairs and keeping them in check no matter what style you are rocking – braids, twists, locs or a sleek ponytail. We recommend getting the KISS Colors & Care Professional 4-in-1 Edge Brush ($2.09) to make edge control even easier. This 100% boar bristle brush/comb combo tames baby hairs and flyaways and the spatula shape is perfect for applying Edge Fixer.

The Part of the Matter

Achieving a clean, tight part for those sleek styles is also a job for Edge Fixer. Whether you are doing a bold side part or classic middle part, simply part the hair and then apply Edge Fixer close to the root then brush it down with a boar bristle brush. This will ensure the edges of your part are not just super clean but will stay that way all day (and night).

Better Braids

Keeping braids looking shiny, neat and sleek can also be achieved with Edge Fixer. Apply it to the roots to keep edges controlled and neat and apply it to the actual braids to keep them shiny, frizz-free and longer lasting. 

Fight Those Flyaways

Between heat styling, chemical processes and just plain ‘ol humidity, most of us fight the battle of breakage, flyaways and frizz on the reg. Edge Fixer can be a lifesaver when it comes to these woes. It helps to camouflage flyaways and breakage and keep frizz at bay especially when you are going for those sleek and structured looks. 

Brow WOW
Out of brow gel? Edge Fixer has you covered. You can use it as an eyebrow pomade! Simply use a mascara applicator and dip it in the jar. Then apply on your brows to achieve a fuller and more groomed look. Genius! 

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