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Boho Braids Will Instantly Amp Up Your Festival Hair Game

Here’s how to get the style that will outlast your three-day pass.

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boho braids

With festival season in full swing, you may be eyeing some cool new hair styles to try. Enter Boho braids or goddess braids, the ultimate hair style to match any festival vibe. Getting the perfect braided look all starts with the perfect prep!  We scored some boho braid tips from Sarah Potempa, celebrity stylist and co-founder of The Beachwaver Co.

Begin creating your modern braided look with The Beachwaver Co. Braid Balm Pre-Braid Prep ($16, Beachwaver.com). It’s formulated to be a mousse that adds grip to each section making it easier to hold and shape each section!

5 Strand Braid

One of Potempa’s favorite braided looks – which was also created during NYFW!

  1. Use four fingers to evenly split the hair into five sections.
  2. Taking the section all the way on the left, bring it over the second section and under the middle section.
  3. Reset your hands and adjust your grip to ensure the braid stays tight and neat.
  4. Now, take the section all the way on the right. Bring it over the fourth section and under the middle.
  5. Reset your hands and hold on the hair again before continuing.

The Five-Strand Braid Tutorial

@sarahpotempahair The #5strandbraid is achieved by the braid mantra “right over under, left over under” 💕 Comment if you’ve tried it or tag a friend who loves to #braid! #braidstutorial #hairtok #pinkhair #fivestrandbraid #braidtutorial #braidbalm #hairstyles #braids ♬ Love Story - TonsTone
Add Boho Vibes

Potempa loves to “pancake” the braids to make them more relaxed and voluminous. To do this, you just need to gently pull at each edge of the braid to make it thicker.

She also loves to leave some face framing pieces out in front and once she’s done braiding, she’ll go and curl that hair with  The Beachwaver Co. S.75 ($149, Beachwaver.com) which will add some extra texture to the hair.

For added edge, you can also add piercings to braids! The Beachwaver Co. team did this look for the House of MuaMua NYFW show.

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