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5 Manis To Match Your Mood

Need an instant change? Start with your mani.

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Being a lover of beauty and fashion, I live for changing up my look. There are days when I’m all about my sweats and sneaks and others when I’m in full-on glam mode (heels and a bombshell minidress). My mood definitely dictates my style. Sometimes I want to make an entrance and other times, I am overjoyed by being understated. Each day or week is a new chance for me to experiment. This is especially the case when it comes to my manicure. 

imPRESS and KISS press-on and glue on nails are my heroes because I can literally switch up my manis (and pedis) depending on what I’m wearing or what my chakras are telling me (OHMMMMM). Keep scrolling for the deets on how I’m currently matching my manis to my moods. I hope I can inspire you to do the same!     

Trendsetter Mood

As a beauty editor, I am constantly on the hunt for the hottest new nail trends. Right now I am loving the KISS Glazed Donut Nails ($11.99). First spotted on Hailey Bieber at this year’s Met Gala, this look is all about achieving a frosty shine that looks good enough to eat. I will 100% be rocking these nails with spring’s hottest denim looks and guarantee my besties will want all the deets before we even order our first round of cocktails.  


Matchy Matchy Mood

Most of the time I don’t follow style rules, especially when it comes to matching. I’m all about taboo combinations. Navy and black? Sign me up! Neon with neon? YESSS, I love a good 80’s moment. But…sometimes I just need order in my life, even with my mani and pedi. When I’m in  full-on matchy matchy mode, imPRESS coordinating manis and pedis are a game-changer. Right now I’m loving imPRESS Color Press-on Manicure ($7.99) and imPRESS Color Press-on Pedicure  ($7.99) in Seas the Day. Best part of it all? I can do it as I binge watch Succession and do a face mask. 

Major Drama Vibes

I admit it. I LOVE to make an entrance. My friends know that once I get an invite, the look planning begins. Screenshots and online shopping (and returning) for weeks. Creating a statement look is one of my favorite things in life. This goes for my outfit and my “beauty” outfit. I have my BFF’s birthday in a few weeks (she’ll kill me if I reveal the number) and I am 100% donning KISS NAIL DRIP in BIG DRIP ($14.99) An Ulta exclusive, these killer nails are long, embellished and metallic. They will go perfectly with my silver faux leather mini and spray tan (real sun is the devil). The fact that I can put these on a few days before the party or in the Uber on the way there is simply amazing. I know that I will rock the room and get plenty of compliments (I hope).

Tried-and-True Mood

As a working mama of two busy boys, my day to day look has to be put-together and efficient. I’m usually the first one up in my house so fumbling around in my bedroom looking for my shoes is pretty much an everyday occurrence. Most days I don’t have time to try a tik tok eyeliner trend or create a wow ‘em OOTD. Black pants are a staple and so are KISS Bare But Better Nails ($8.99). These glue on nails are easy to apply and they last! They are in  the perfect nude shade that goes with everything in my closet and the perfect length for my day-to-day tasks. I have been using them for a while and if it’s not broke; I’m not fixing it.

Pisces Vibes 

Astrology is my jam. Maybe it’s because my ex-hippie Mom used to give us readings or because I love the mystery of the Zodiac, but I am very in tune with my astrological sign. I am a Pisces and feel everything deeply, have zero sense of moderation and am a hopeless romantic. This is what drew me to the imPRESS BIRTHSTONE COLLECTION in Aquamarine ($10.99). These press-ons come in watercolor hues which are a hallmark of the Pisces sign and my birthstone is aquamarine. The opalescent shades and embellishments are super dreamy and I will wear these on the weekends and make sure to tell everyone (who will listen) about them. 

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