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5 Spring 2024 Fashion Trends to Shop Right Now

Need season, new outfit inspo!

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Spring 2024 Fashion Trends
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Goodbye mob-wife winter coats, knee-high boots, and red everything. Although it feels like winter would seriously never end, it’s finally time to shed the heavy hues and start thinking about giving our closets a spring awakening.  Want to know which fashion trends will be flooding our social media feed this season? We tapped Catherine Bibeau, a renowned fashion stylist with over a decade of experience in the industry for her expert advice on what to add to our spring wardrobe. Ahead, she weighs in on what to wear this spring to stay perfectly on trend.

1. Bows

Bows are back! This comeback is truly dominating the fashion scene. This trend embraces women’s femininity and to express it with joy and pride. Ladies, the more bows the better!

2. Fringe

High-fashion fringe is enjoying a high-fashion renaissanceexpressing Boho chic! They are placed on jackets, bottom skirts, and bottom dresses, and even used as a necklace as a fashion accessory. The power of this look is that it gives vavoom and glamour when you wear it. The movement of the fringe brings a unique trend: a lot of movement when you walk. 

3. Preppy

@modeetchien 📚 Preppy Style is a major trend for 2024- are you going to give it a try or sit this one out? 👇🏽 TIPS TO MASTER THE TREND: -Choose one element to be the “trend” and keep the rest more of your personal style (the pieces you gravitate towards the most in your closet) -if you’re shopping for a piece, make sure it’s one that you could see working well with your wardrobe (example, loafers can be tricky to style with baggy pants so if all you wear is wide leg/baggy styles then they may be harder to wear) -if you’re just looking to dip your toe in the trend, a vest (like I’m wearing here) or a collared knit like might be an easy way to go because they are styled exactly like you would your normal knits -try playing with what’s already in your closet: pair straight leg jeans with socks and loafers, layered a button front shirt under a knit, or add a touch of plaid to the outfit) Preppy style Spring 2024 fashion trends How to style Styling tips #styletips #howtostyle #fashiontrends #preppystyle #preppy #preppyaesthetic ♬ ultimate vibes - morgan hardy

The return of the preppy aesthetic! The prep-school classics are expressed wearing Polo shirts, and button-down shirts with a new attitude.

4. Stripes

Graphic stripes! Similar to the preppy look with high-visibility stripes placed on shirt dresses or on relaxed sweaters as effortless old school vintage!

5. Disco

The Disco inferno! This trend is eye-catching pieces that are ultra-shiny! Lots of Paillettes, rhinestones and metallics such as leather in Gold, Silver, and Rose gold. This look is created on every type of clothes such as tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, pants etc. 

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