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The 12 Best Lip Balms & Treatments

Pamper your pout with our favorite lip formulas.

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Keeping your pout moisturized and plump is a breeze these days. There are so many incredible lip balms and treatments on the market, that it can take the length of a Peloton HIIT ride just to scroll through all your options. In the interest of your precious free time, we took the guesswork out of your lip balm hunt and found the 12 best we cannot get enough of. Go ahead and pucker up. 

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This amazing lip balm gloss is made with hyaluronic acid which gives your pout a plump and youthful look. It also smells like the ripest of plums which is another bonus.

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With ingredients like squalene and jojoba seed oil, this lip mask is super-hydrating and can be used any time of the day as your go-to balm.

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This berry scented lip mask/balm hybrid will keep your lips hydrated and moisturized all day long. It has a glossy look and subtle pink tint so it looks great alone or over your fave lipstck. 

4. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C $24
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This lip mask has a cult following and comes in 6 yummy scented shades. You can use it as a night treatment or make it your lip go-to balm. Trust us, you’ll want to try every flavor.

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Like Oprah and Beyonce, there is nothing Aquaphor can’t do. We use it on our lips, our childrens’ lips and even with a mascara wand to groom unruly brows.

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Yes this lip balm has a hefty price tag, but a little splurge never hurt anyone. It is super moisturizing and many reviewers rave about its effectiveness. One of our stylists swears that this balm cured her mother’s chronic dry lips after it was recommended by her dermatologist. 

Don’t underestimate the no-frills packaging. This effective lip balm by Mario Badescu, famed NYC facialist and namesake of the best-selling skincare line, is well-priced, super-hydrating and has a cult following. It smells amazing, feels amazing and is long lasting.

Photo: Kiehl's

It’s called #1 for a reason. For over two decades, Kiehl’s lip balm has been a go-to for legions of the beauty-obsessed and informed. The lip balm is and has always been infused with squalene, today’s hottest ingredient, which is all the more reason it is the legit OG. 

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This tube of wonderful-ness is a must buy. First of all it costs less than a grande latte, has SPF 30 protection and has a beachy, coconut scent that is deliciously tropical. Keep one in your beach bag, by your bed and in at your desk. 

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Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1? This tiny little treasure from natural brand AVYA contains an exfoliating sugar scrub on one side and a moisturizing lip balm containing marula seed oil on the other. Genius!

Equal parts lip balm and sculpture, this happy orb from Eos guarantees moisturized lips. We love their yummy scents and the packaging speaks for itself.

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Fresh is a brand known for their effective formulations, elevated scents and irresistible packaging. This best-selling lip treatment is extremely hydrating and works wonders all year round. 

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