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I’m a Pro Makeup Artist – Here’s My Take on 3 TikTok Beauty Trends

Your guide to the good, the bad, and the hilarious.

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Jump on the TikTok bandwagon with us as we dive into a whirlwind of viral makeup trends that have taken over social media. From mind-blowing transformations to hilarious mishaps.

Well, hello there my Beautify Friends! In this month’s episode of “What in the name of beauty is goin’ on in social media”, we’re not just gonna spill some tea, (that’s such a trending saying I just had to throw it in there) we’re gonna straight up throw the kettle into oncoming traffic. Yes, it’s time to blow the roof off some of the most viral TikTok Makeup Trends of 2023. Let’s go!

Retro Revival

 I’ll start with the best of the best! One of my all-time favorites, “Retro Revival”. Inspired by the intense makeup trends of the 80’s, this trend married nostalgia and a modern twist. Think bold colors, dramatic wings, and bright blushes. This was a super fun hit and took me back to the nightclub days. It made glitter and a lightning bolt decal on your cheek cool again, and way less stress about having to be matchy-matchy with your makeup. It was almost like a color free-for-all.

@eileenamirian Replying to @justyngee inspired by @priscillaono ❤️‍🔥 . . Product breakdown: Face - @youthforia Pregame Protective Primer - @milanicosmetics super charged undereye tint deep peach - @morpheofficial green color corrector - @fentybeauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation in 210 - @realtechniquesofficial beauty sponge - @lauramercier Translucent Setting Powder - @valentino.beauty Eye2Cheek Blush in shade 2 Eyes - @elfyeah x @americaneagle collab palette - #maccosmetics Mac Stack Mascara - @lancome.official Drama Liqui-Pencil in shade 05 Seine Sparkles - Glitter Lips - @maccosmeticsusa Love Me Liquid Lipcolour in shade Hey Good Looking! #boldmakeup #editorialbeauty #valentinobeauty #80smakeup #vintagemakeup #makeuptutorial ♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
Contour Detour

A trend that started out on my good side, and then went South: The “Contour to Look Snatched” trend. Remember when contouring took over the beauty world? Well, this trend took it to the extreme & next thing I knew, everyone was chiseling their faces like they were part of Mt. Rushmore! Carving out deep cheekbones and jawlines, not to mention the excessive amount of product!

 As a woman with mature skin, I definitely wasn’t a fan of so many pink, white and brown stripes or dots all over my face using thick, cream products. All the TikTokers looked like they had stripes of Neapolitan ice cream all over their faces. In order to achieve this look, you were required to apply all your creamy layers in stripes and triangles all over your face, then beat your face half to death with a beauty blender! Definitely didn’t hold up well after the initial application. And if you’ve got mature skin, it accentuates some cracks!

Trends to Avoid: “Clumpy Lashes Challenge”

While fat lashes are usually my personal goal, this trend takes it to the extreme, resulting in clumpy, spider-like lashes that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Let’s leave this trend in the archives, shall we?

Never to be forgotten hilarious TikTok Moments: “Blindfolded Boyfriend Makeup”

This trend had us in stitches as girlfriends handed over their makeup brushes to their bewildered and super confused boyfriends, resulting in hilariously disastrous makeup looks. A little reminder that makeup should be fun, experimental, and not taken too seriously. I wanted to give the boyfriends some type of metal or at least a participation trophy. I think every last one of them were incredibly good sports. My husband wouldn’t go near that challenge with a 10-foot pole, let alone an eyeliner. He’s a wise one, that Mr. Alves.


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