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8 Incredibly Sparkly Manicures to Wear on New Year’s Eve (That Only Take Minutes to Apply!)

Ring in 2024 with a little glitz and glam.

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Sparkly Manicures

As we countdown to the most dazzling night of the year, it’s time to talk about the ultimate New Year’s Eve accessory — a sparkly manicure! Now, you might be wondering, ‘Why go all out with glitter for NYE?’ Well, there’s no better time to embrace the shimmer and shine.  Manis with jewel accents, embellishments, and 3D accents? Yes, please.

New Year’s Eve isn’t just another night; it’s a celebration of new beginnings, hope, and all the sparkling possibilities that the new year holds. And what better way to mirror this festive spirit than with your very own nails? Whether you’re raising a glass at a glamorous party or counting down in your cozy living room, a sparkly manicure adds that extra bit of cheer and charm to your look.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. Opting for a glittery manicure is a fun way to step out of your comfort zone, experiment with bold styles, and truly embody the spirit of the season. It’s a form of self-expression, a way to tell the world you’re ready to shine bright in the coming year.


As we all know, the holiday season can be incredibly hectic. With so much to do and so little time, a trip to the salon for a manicure might seem like a luxury you can’t afford. But don’t worry, you can still get that glitzy, glamorous look right at home! Thanks to brands like KISS and imPRESS, DIY manicures have never been easier or more stunning. With their wide range of sparkly, eye-catching designs, you can achieve a salon-worthy look in minutes.

Sparkly Manicures

Whether you’re a fan of bold glitter or subtle shimmer, KISS and imPRESS offer a fantastic selection that’s sure to match your New Year’s Eve outfit. Plus, the convenience of applying them at home means one less appointment in your already jam-packed schedule. So, get ready to dazzle with your DIY skills and ring in the new year with style. So, let’s dive into the world of glitz and glam with our top 8 sparkly manicure ideas that are sure to turn heads and make your New Year’s Eve unforgettable. Ready to twinkle your way into the new year? Let’s get started!

8 Nail Ideas to Wear for New Year’s Eve
KISS MAJESTIC ‘My Crown’ ($18.99)

KISS MAJESTIC ‘Sparkle’ ($11.40)



IMPRESS DESIGN HOLIDAY ‘Sparkling Snow’ ($9.49)

COLORFX BY IMPRESS ‘Dimension’ ($10.99)

IMPRESS COUTURE ‘Supreme’ ($10.99)

IMPRESS DESIGN ‘Stellar’ ($9.49)

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